€3 million from EU to improve biodiversity on factory land


The Flemish-Dutch inter-regional project 2B Connect, which helps businesses clean up their land and make it greener, has more than €3 million in EU funding

Air quality

The European Commission has agreed to provide more than €3 million for the inter-regional project 2B Connect, which brings together 19 partners in the Flemish-Dutch border area to improve biodiversity on 70 tracts of industrial land.

Cleaning up industrial sites to stimulate biodiversity benefits nature but also business: the planting of trees and bushes allows for better air quality, less noise nuisance and a more pleasant atmosphere for outdoor activities.

But businesses often do not have the experience and know-how to implement the changes, which is where 2B Connect comes in. Until the end of 2018, 2B Connect will bring together companies to clean up 70 plots of land. Companies will be taught, for example, how to scan their land to make an inventory of the foliage already present, which will enable them to match assess needs. There is also a tool developed to help businesses calculate the real financial benefits of green infrastructure.

2B Connect is made up of 19 partners, 13 from Flanders and six from the Netherlands. The Flemish partners include the government’s environment, nature and energy departments, the Agency for Nature and Forests, the Institute for Nature and Forestry Research and Antwerp province. The project has a budget of €3,012,583.

Photo courtesy Brabantse Kempen