Flemish app helps children learn how to sing


A new app developed by a range of partners in Flanders, including music educators, users and developers, teaches children to sing through interactive displays and playful advice

Positive feedback

iMinds, Flanders’ digital research centre, has presented a demo of a mobile application that motivates children to develop their singing talents. The demo is the result of 15 months of work in the framework of the MELoDiA project, carried out by iMinds, the Free University of Brussels (VUB), the University of Leuven and the Media, Arts and Design school in Hasselt.

The researchers surveyed both families with children and music educators about their habits, wishes and motivation in learning and teaching music. They were actively involved in the development of the app.

The survey showed that children want detailed feedback about their performance with pieces they consider difficult. At the same time, children also stressed their aversion to a strict approach. They were looking for an open and creative learning process.

The app includes coaching technology, has a strong game factor and uses a reward system to motivate children.

The partners in the project co-operated with Flemish kids’ entertainment giant Studio 100 to incorporate songs by pop group K3. On the technological side, project leaders counted on the expertise of MU Technologies from Hasselt. Turnhout’s Cartamundi will now further develop the demo into a commercial app.