Flemish drone cluster Euka launched


The non-profit organisation Euka will bring together various sectors to innovate in the area of drone use and technology

‘Uniting stakeholders’

Flemish innovation minister Philippe Muyters launched the non-profit drone cluster Euka yesterday in Evergem, East Flanders. The launch took place at a construction site where drones are already used to monitor some of the heavier work, such as moving earth.

The goal of the Euka platform is to bring drone users, knowledge centres and suppliers together to stimulate collaboration and the exchange of experiences. Euka will organise events, info sessions and working groups.

According to Euka manager Mark Vanlook, drones will become more and more important to economic activities in the coming years. “Not only in the construction sector, but in all sectors,” he said in a statement. “Euka is invested in a variety of sectors, and we want to unite all stakeholders in those communities.”

The sectors on which Euka will particularly focus are security, construction, agriculture, logistics, government, technology and leisure. In the building sector, drones  can, for instance, be used for inspections and logistical challenges.

Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship agency VLAIO has recognised Euka as an “Innovative Business Network.”

Photo courtesy Drone Community