Ghent rewards gender, diversity research with new thesis prize


The City of Ghent and the university are collaborating for DiverGent, a new prize that rewards the most ground-breaking thesis on the topics of gender or diversity


Ghent University (UGent) will award the thesis prize DiverGent for the most innovative Master’s thesis on the topics of gender or diversity for the first time during the next academic year. The City of Ghent is collaborating on the initiative.

According to a UGent statement, the thesis prize will challenge students to develop “divergent” opinions, which are necessary to contribute to current debates and to propose solutions for policymakers. “Looking from a perspective that puts gender and diversity central requires you to think beyond the status quo,” said UGent.

Ghent alderman for equal opportunities Resul Tapmaz emphasised that the city is proud to be a partner in the initiative. “As a warm and open city, we are convinced of the importance of reflecting on gender, diversity and identity in an ever-changing world,” he said.

The first award ceremony will take place in January 2016. The winner of the prize will receive €500.

Photo courtesy UGent/Hilde Christiaens

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