Government of Flanders to tighten up cyber security


The minister in charge of administration, Liesbeth Homans, has announced plans to create a cyber strategy that would cover all departments of the Flemish government

Security strategy needed

The Flemish minister for administration, Liesbeth Homans, has launched a new plan to tighten up digital security in government departments. She has based the new policy on an internal audit carried out recently to check digital security. The audits showed that departments were strong on security up in certain areas, but there were still weaknesses that could be exploited by cyber criminals.

The report made several recommendations, including the introduction of a government digital security strategy, along with a digital safety awareness campaign aimed at all Flemish civil servants. “We have to work on an information security plan that covers the entire Flemish government, ”Homans said. “We can no longer tackle cyber criminality with a piecemeal approach.”


photo: Ingimage