Innovative platform to help in development of new vaccines


Flanders Vaccine, a co-operation between a number of biotech companies and research institutions, has been launched to improve the system of vaccine development in the region

Prevention is better than cure

Flemish welfare minister Jo Vandeurzen has launched the innovation platform Flanders Vaccine for knowledge centres, companies and organisations active in the research and development of vaccines. The platform is the result of a collaboration between Biomed and LifeTechLimburg of Hasselt University, Vaxinfectio of Antwerp University, Provaxs of Ghent University, FlandersBio and BioMARIC.

The mission of Flanders Vaccine is to create more synergy between the academic and industrial actors in the area of infectious diseases, immunology and vaccinology and encourage innovation in vaccine development.

“The formation of a multidisciplinary network of knowledge institutes, research centres, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies enables us to more quickly and efficiently react to trends and developments,” the partners said in a statement.

The initiative should also help with certain health-care challenges, they said. “Investing in vaccine development is in line with the objectives of the Flemish health policy, which focuses strongly on promotion of healthy habits and prevention of disease.”