iSpace brings tech companies and students together


Students in ICT at Hasselt’s PXL university college will team up with tech companies at the Corda Campus business community to share ideas and develop products

Fresh outlook

Hasselt’s PXL university college and business community Corda Campus are launching iSpace, a joint project in which more than 120 ICT students will work with technology companies to develop innovative products and services.

The goal is to prepare students for a digital and changing labour market, by bringing them into contact with the business world and letting them work on realistic assignments. They will learn to work with engineers, researchers and CEOs.

“We want to close the gap between the business world and students,” Ben Lambrechts, general director of PXL, told “Students can learn a lot from ICT professionals and provide companies with new ideas through their fresh outlook.”

Corda Campus has installed a 500m² workplace where students can experiment and develop innovations in a realistic working environment. As a first assignment, students will develop an augmented reality project to present the companies at Corda Campus to visitors in a virtual way, for example via an app.

Other companies and organisations are also invited to sign the iSpace charter and work with the PXL students.

Photo courtesy Corda Campus