Study points to need for checklists before surgery


UHasselt researchers have released a study proving that WHO’s surgical safety checklist reduces post-operative complications by half

Checklist reduces post-surgical complications

Researchers at Hasselt University (UHasselt) have released a study that shows that the use of the surgical safety checklist compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO) lowers the number of post-surgery complications by half. “According to estimates, one in five patients risks complications after surgery,” says professor Dominique Vandijck of the research group Patient Safety & Health Economy at UHasselt.

The checklist, which was developed by WHO in 2007, includes 22 questions that help surgical teams to monitor risk factors, such as possible allergies, and clarifies the different tasks of the team members. Currently, not all hospitals are using the checklist, but the government of Flanders plans to make the checklist obligatory.                  

Hasselt researchers say WHO’s safety checklist reduces post-surgical complications by half.

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