Sustainable urinal gets Antwerp start-up shot at Asian market


A new tech company has won the final coveted place in the city of Antwerp’s competition, which provides funding and office space in Singapore

I pee, you pee

Antwerp-based IPee is the latest tech start-up from the city to be offered office space in Singapore, where it will get the chance to launch on the south-east Asian market. IPee is the fifth and final recipient of the port city’s Singapore aid scheme.

The aptly named IPee develops sensors that determine when and how much water urinals should flush. For example, at sporting events – where a good deal of drinking takes place – less flushing and water is required. By contrast, patients in hospital produce urine that may contain drug residues, requiring more water to flush.

The system (pictured) uses a minimum of water for each occasion, while ensuring optimum sanitary results. “The ambitions of IPee fit in perfectly with Antwerp’s priorities of sustainability and eHealth,” according to economy councillor Caroline Bastiaens.

The start-up project is part of Antwerp’s co-operation with B-DNA, a Singapore-based engineering and architectural firm, dedicated to sustainable design. The city’s contribution is to provide office space and local support for five start-ups.

The other start-ups chosen earlier are internet-of-things developer Rombit, logistics company T-Mining, sports management software developer Playpass and real estate and workplace management software specialists MCS.
Photo courtesy IPee