Turnover at nano-tech firm imec up by 14%


The turnover of the Leuven-based research centre imec increased by 14% last year, while it welcomed 230 new employees

€415 million

Leuven-based nanotechnology firm imec took in €415 million last year, a 14% increase on 2014, the company has announced. That sum includes the funding from European research projects, from the government of Flanders (€47.7 million annually) and from the Dutch government, which subsidises imec at the Holst Centre in Eindhoven.

Imec is one of Flanders’ flagships in research and development, performing pioneering research in several areas, including computer chip production, bio-tech and sensor systems. Outside revenue is mainly generated from R&D contracts with industrial partners and universities, both local and global. More than €100 million was realised due to collaboration with companies based in Flanders.

Last year, imec researchers published nearly 1,000 articles in scientific journals and a record number of 180 European patent applications were submitted. “The latter confirms the institute’s top knowledge position in nanoelectronics and its applications,” imec said in a statement.

“2015 was a fantastic year,” said imec CEO Luc Van den hove. “And we are determined to drive the development of innovative solution even further with our cutting-edge R&D.”

With its partners imec has also made inroads into the Internet of Things: smart cities, smart health, smart grids, smart mobility and smart manufacturing. The expectation is that the company will grow further over the next few years, with the upcoming merger with the Ghent-based digital research centre iMinds.

Photo courtesy imec