ITM launches new master’s in tropical medicine


The renowned institute in Antwerp has added a third master’s programme that offers hands-on and flexible training

Extra specialisation

The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp has launched a new master’s degree in tropical medicine.

The new programme means students can choose between three MSc programmes: public health, tropical animal health and tropical medicine. It responds to students’ demands for more specialisation in biomedical and clinical sciences and ties in with developments in the professional world, such as the need to increase the number of specialised professionals, the availability of research technologies in low-resource environments and the occurrence of tropical diseases in regions not defined as tropical.

“ITM answers these calls by leveraging our unique multidisciplinary approach of pathogens, populations and patients in the new master,” says Lut Lynen, course co-director and head of ITM’s department of Clinical Sciences. “It creates a distinct path for students wanting to gain a deep scientific knowledge base and real-life professional experience in either the clinical or biomedical science of tropical medicine.”

Mix and match

The course involves increased flexibility and makes it easier for students to balance study time with other professional activities or extracurricular life. Like the ITM’s other two master’s programmes, the structure of the new course encourages students to mix and match their education with other international learning and professional experiences. All programmes can be completed on a full- or part-time basis, with face-to-face and online options. 

“ITM offers students a hands-on and tailor-made experience from all three disciplines – public health, clinical and biomedical sciences,” says course co-director Jean-Claude Dujardin, head of the department of Biomedical Sciences.

“The combination of the several strands of science in one programme is a unique and strong asset by which students deepen their knowledge and broaden their perspective. We want students to use their acquired knowledge as a direct launching pad into careers in clinical or biomedical sciences in research institutes, NGOs, clinical organisations and industry.”

Applications are open throughout January and February for enrolment in the 2020-21 academic year.

The ITM is one of the world’s leading institutes for training and research in tropical medicine and the organisation of health care in developing countries, and delivers outpatient, clinical and preventive services in tropical pathologies and sexually transmitted diseases. Established in 1906 in Brussels, it moved to Antwerp in 1931 and today employs almost 450 people.

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Institute of Tropical Medicine

The Antwerp-based ITM is one of the world’s leading tropic health institutes. This government-funded centre focuses on tropical medicine research and on health care in developing countries.
History - The School of Tropical Medicine, the institute’s forerunner, was established by King Leopold II to respond to health issues in the then Free State of Congo.
Standby - The institute offers 24/7 guidance to medical practitioners who are treating patients with tropical diseases.
Vaccines - Among ordinary Flemings, the centre is best known for the medical services it provides to travellers, such as vaccinations, medical consultations and travel advice.

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