Joe Biden invited to Brussels in early 2021


The Nato secretary-general hopes to see America’s new president at a summit in Brussels soon

‘New threats and challenges’

The future US president Joe Biden (pictured) has been invited to a Nato summit in Brussels in early 2021, the organisation’s secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has announced. “I invited president-elect Joe Biden to a Nato summit here in Brussels early next year,” Stoltenberg said, adding that sitting around a table is “the best way for allies to meet”.

The summit is expected to bring together the heads of state and government of Nato’s 30 member countries “to decide, in particular, on the future of the Alliance’s adaptation to the new threats and challenges of the 21st century,” Stoltenberg said.

The specific date of the meeting has not yet been decided and it remains to be seen how such a meeting can go ahead during the pandemic.

The invitation from the Nato secretary-general follows a similar offer from European Council president Charles Michel, who invited the president-elect to a summit of US authorities and the 27 leaders of the European Union once Biden has been inaugurated on 20 January.

Photo courtesy Joe Biden/Twitter