Cancer charity breaks record with €28 million in donations


Kom op tegen kanker has raised more than €28 million in its latest campaign, a record-breaking total for the Flemish charity

Every little bit

Flemish charity Kom op tegen kanker (Come Out Against Cancer) raised more than €28.3 million in its 2016-17 campaign season, 17% more than during its last fundraising campaign in 2014-15.

The total broke an all-time record for the organisation, which launched 29 years ago. “For many years now we have launched initiatives to avoid, fight and ease the struggle with cancer,” said Jean-Jacques Cassiman, chair of Kom op tegen kanker. “That’s crucial because every year in Flanders 40,000 people find out that they have cancer. One in three mean and one in four women get the disease before the age of 75.”

Aside from direct donations, the organisation receives funds raised by citizens across the region who organise or take part in events like marathons, bike rides, golf tournaments and sales of various products, like the Plant Weekend last autumn.

Yesterday 1,300 volunteers associated with the organisation gathered in Antwerp for the charity’s Dankdag (Thank You Day), where the record amount was announced. “It is unbelievable that we were able to raise so much money in the fight against cancer,” said VRT meteorologist Frank Deboosere, the leader of the campaign. “A huge thank you to the hundreds of thousands of people who donate every month or every year.”

The proceeds of the fundraising effort goes to initiatives and institutions in the care and research sectors. Kom op tegen cancer also spearheaded a recent campaign to convince young people to not take up smoking, trains and places volunteers to assist cancer patients, runs a camp for children and maintains a cancer information line.