Crowdfunding campaign launched for dinosaur exhibition


In order to meet 210 million-year-old ‘Ben’ the public is being asked to help Brussels Natural Sciences Museum fund a new exhibition

New member of dinosaur family

The Natural Sciences Museum in Brussels has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance a new permanent dinosaur exhibition. The museum needs to build an appropriate viewing platform for the skeleton of a plateosaurus they have affectionately named “Ben”.

Some €25,000 is needed to arrange the installation of the 210 million year-old remains. The plateosaurus was an herbivorous dinosaur that walked upright, known for its long neck and exceptional length.

Ben is five metres long and must be fixed on a customised metal frame. The funding would also be used to build a stage and develop educational materials.

The skeleton arrived in Brussels last year, coming from a quarry in Switzerland. Experts are still working to retrieve the 200 bones found in the quarry’s rock. Because of this meticulous work, it will take until the end of the year to get Ben ready for an exhibition, where he will join the other dinosaurs in the museum.

About 80% of the bones are cleaned and have been coated with a special resin to keep them from deteriorating. Palaeontologists will begin to construct the skeleton this summer.

If the goal of €25,000 is not reached, all contributors will be refunded. It would be the first time since 1883 that a new original dinosaur fossil would be displayed in Brussels. 

Photo courtesy Museum voor Natuurwetenschappen