Cycle on a cable across the Grand Canyon at Technopolis


A new installation at Technopolis in Mechelen sees a virtual reality headset taking visitors on a bike ride across a cable spanning the Grand Canyon

Summer attraction

Hands-on science centre Technopolis in Mechelen has installed a new installation for the summer called Canyon Ride, which simulates a bike ride on a cable spanning the Grand Canyon. Developed by 3D and virtual reality firm Nanpixel of Roeselare, Canyon Ride extends the centre’s current installation that allows visitors to ride a bike on a cable five metres above the ground.

The new attraction sees visitors putting on the Oculus Rift, a virtual-reality headset that sets them in the Arizona desert. Riding a stationary recumbent bike with the headset gives the impression of riding on a cable miles above the famous canyon.

Naturally, it’s not all smooth sailing, with thunder and lightning, birds and falling rocks challenging the user, who is urged to finish the ride within two minutes. Canyon Ride will be in place until 31 August.