Daylight savings: Hundreds still call speaking clock every day


Not only does phone service provider Proximus maintain a speaking clocks, hundreds of people call it every day

Daylight savings peak

Are you old enough to remember when you had to dial a phone number to be sure of the correct time? Surprisingly, this service is not only still available in Belgium, it’s being used 550 times a day on average.

This weekend is daylight savings time (DST) – clocks go forward an hour on Sunday at 2.00 – and Flanders News reports that this is one of the busiest times for Proximus’s speaking clock. According to a Proximus spokesperson, it is still seen as useful for those who want to make sure all their clock are in sync.

All 27 member states of the EU practice DST at the same time. Finland, however, called for an end to the practice last month in the European parliament, saying that it causes fatigue-induced road accidents and sleep problems.

Flemish MEP Hilde Vautmans, however, is against abolishing it because she claimed that Belgium would lose an hour of daylight for seven months and that children would have to go to school in the dark for five months.

Proximus’s time phone service, meanwhile, can be reached in Dutch or French under normal tariffs at 078 05 12 00.