First medal ever for Belgian women at Paralympic Winter Games


Alpine skier Eléonor Sana has brought home the first-ever medal won by a Belgian woman at the Paralympic Winter Games

Making history

Belgium has brought home its first medal from the Paralympic Winter Games in 24 years. Eléonor Sana won bronze in downhill skiing.

Sana is visually impaired and won the medal in disability class B2. This classification falls between B1, which implies near or total blindness and B3, which means partially sighted.

Sana skis courses with the help of her sister, who skis in front of her, warning her about the presence of flags. They must ski somewhat in tandem, with Sana’s sister, Chloé, not getting too far ahead but also not slowing Sana down.

The 20-year-old skier becomes the second athlete - and first woman - to ever bring home a medal from the Paralympic Winter Games.

Belgium sent two athletes to the Winter Games this year. Skier Jasper Balcaen will take part in the super combined event tomorrow.

The Paralympics Summer Games is much more Belgium’s event: Athletes have brought home a total of 256 medals from the Summer Games.

Photo: Paralympians Jasper  Balcaen and Eléonor Sana
Jasper Jacobs/BELGA