Flemish book on vertigo gets English translation


Flemish author Tania Stadsbader's journey to a diagnosis of vertigo has been translated into English to reach an international audience

Dizzy me

A popular 2010 book by Flemish authors Tania Stadsbader and Floris Wuyts about living with vertigo has been translated into English. Dizzy Me: Light on Balance is Stadsbader’s personal experience living with the condition mixed with research insights from Wuyts, a specialist in balance disorders.

Stadsbader searched for more than 10 years for an answer to her constant battle with dizziness and nausea. She was misdiagnosed or told nothing was wrong by countless doctors until, through her own research, she booked an appointment with Wuyts at Antwerp University’s Research Centre for Equilibrium and Aerospace.

She was diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, a condition that is being recognised more and more, leading to an English translation of the book. “Considering the enormous increase of diagnoses related to vertigo in recent years,” said the authors in a statement, “we see the potential to educate international doctors, encourage medical guidelines on the subject and hopefully help patients get the correct diagnosis much faster.”

Dizzy Me: Light on Balance, €47, Kügler Publications