Food waste awards celebrate champions of sustainibility


The first-ever edition of the Food Waste Awards recognised the most creative efforts for tackling one of the most pressing issues of our time

And the winner is...

Pop-up restaurant Rekub, Reo Veiling food market, social food project Rabot and the city of Ghent all picked up prizes at last week’s first-ever edition of the Food Waste Awards.

Antwerp’s  Rekub was named best food waste innovators for its restaurant concept, based on cooking and serving food surpluses, as well as an app that allows shops to announce when they have surplus food on sale at cut prices.

Reo Veiling in Roeselare is a co-operative of produce growers and won the title of best food sector business. The co-operative ensures the rapid delivery of food surpluses to social organisations, with inedible waste used in animal feed or as fertiliser on farms.

The project Rabot op je bord in the Ghent neighbourhood of the same name won best social organisation working on food waste, for its project aimed at improving access to healthy food by poor people. The project processes food surpluses into high-quality products, in addition to the vegetables grown on its own city garden site.

Finally, the city of Ghent was named best local authority for its 2015 campaign to encourage restaurants to provide doggy-bags, called Restorestjes, for customers to take uneaten food home.

Every person in Flanders produces at least 314kg of trash a year, much of it consisting of food gone bad before it could be eaten. The Food Waste Awards are organised by Flemish waste management agency Ovam, the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network and Antwerp non-profit Komosie.

Photo: Ingimage