Get parents moving when their kids do sport, says new campaign


Parents who think they’re just going to drop their kids off at the sports hall better think again: A new campaign is encouraging Flanders’ sports infrastructure to rope them into a class

Families that play together

A new campaign launched by Flemish sports minister Philippe Muyters sees parents being asked to take part in activities when they pick up or drops off their kids at sports halls. Since parents are often driving their children to such activities, the minister said, it’s the perfect time to get them moving, as well.

According to research, 60% of adults in Flanders do not get the recommended 30 minutes a day of physical activity that raises the heart rate. But in 95% of families, at least one member takes part in a sport.

That active family member can be the perfect ambassador to get the rest of the family to move more, according to the campaign.

The sports hall in Maldegem, East Flanders, for example, has set up a programme for parents to take part in a sport while their children are at the club, instead of standing on the sidelines or sitting in the cafeteria. Dilbeek in Flemish Brabant has taken the opposite approach: Children are offered sports options while their parents exercise.

Muyters asked experts to examine how they can inspire other sport clubs in the region, and Sport Vlaanderen and Gezinssport Vlaanderen collected best practices. Nine of those are in a brochure that has been sent to all sports clubs.

The brochure includes suggestions for how clubs can organise activities for families to do together, teach parents and kids a sport together or help people with a disability to take part in sport with their families.
Photo courtesy Pixabay