Hasselt to open Children’s House for advice and support


The city of Hasselt is in the planning stages to open a Children’s House, which would offer support and advice to parents of children “from conception to age 25”

24 organisations under one roof

Hasselt city council is looking for a suitable location to open a Huis van het Kind, or Children’s House. “We want to create a place where people can get advice on issues like children’s welfare, healthy eating and education,” explained the city’s welfare alderwoman, Nadja Vananroye, who also serves as the chair of the city’s welfare services (OCMW).

“Twenty-four organisations have joined forces to provide support and information to local parents from conception until their child reaches the age of about 25,” she continued. “Parents will no longer have to pick their way through a confusing maze of different organisations. Everything will be in the one place.”

Hasselt started working on the project last year following a new regulation that allows local councils to apply to the government for subsidies to fund a Huis van het Kind as long as it met certain criteria.


photo courtesy Hasselt CD&V