Jean Paul Gaultier designs Manneken Pis costume for gay pride


One of the world’s most famous fashion designers, Jean-Paul Gaultier, is coming to Brussels for the unveiling of a costume he is designing for Manneken Pis on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the city’s gay pride festival

Two-week festival

French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier (pictured) is designing a costume for Manneken Pis, which will be unveiled on 30 April, the kick-off of Brussels’ gay pride festival. Gaultier, 63, will be in attendance on the day for the unveiling of his haute couture outfit.

Gaultier is expected to take part in a “mini-pride parade” from City Hall to the statue of Manneken Pis, arriving at about 20.00. The official Pride parade, in which 100,000 people are expected to take part, takes place on 16 May.

This is the 20th edition of the festival, now known as Pride.BE, which celebrates gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender identities. Aside from the parades, the festival plays host to parties and other social and cultural activities.

Later in May, meanwhile, is the Mister Gay Vlaanderen competition, where a jury bestows the esteemed title. This year the jury includes prime minister Charles Michel.

Antwerp hosts its annual pride festival in August.