Quirky Flanders: Find old Antwerp in a lost Scheldt village


Flanders is full of offbeat things to do, and our Quirky Flanders series points one out to you every week. This week, we discover the strange forgotten village of Buitenland

The odd and the unexpected

The strange forgotten village of Buitenland is hard to find. It lies off the main road in a bend of the Old Scheldt. Not many people ever come here, so no one has bothered to explain the strange buildings that don’t look as if they belong.

They were built in 1894 for the World Fair in Antwerp as part of a nostalgic section called Old Antwerp. After the fair was over, most of the buildings were demolished, but a few were rebuilt in Buitenland by a local businessman who owned a basket-making company. The most impressive is a replica of the 16th-century Reuzenhuis.       

Near Bornem, Antwerp province

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Flanders is full of offbeat things to do. They can be surprising, sometimes a little disturbing, but always unexpected. Most are off the beaten track, away from the crowds, in places that are sometimes hard to find.

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