Residents to share heat in unique Antwerp project


The facility that will turn residents’ surplus heat into electricity will officially break ground this week on the Zuiderzicht site in Antwerp

New residential project

Flemish energy minister Bart Tommelein has announced the start of the construction of a heat exchange centre in the Nieuw Zuid district of Antwerp. The work coincides with breaking ground on the city’s new sustainable residential tower Zuiderzicht.

The heat exchange centre will take surplus heat produced by the residents of the tower block and use it to generate electricity. It will also become something of a city landmark with its distinctive triple cooling towers (pictured).

The entire Nieuw Zuid project is a co-operation between the city, energy network manager Infrax and Antwerp property developer Triple Living, with previous projects including the Duinwater housing project in Knokke and the Corporate Village in Zaventem,  near Brussels Airport. Italian architects Secchi-Viganò and Antwerp landscape architects Delva are responsible for the design.

“Nieuw Zuid is a visionary example of urban development – a green, sustainable and mixed residential neighbourhood conceived on commission by the city,” Triple Living said in a statement. “It gives a new dimension to sustainable city development; a living urban neighbourhood with shops, restaurants, a park, sports facilities, schools and services.”

Tommelein was accompanied at the press conference yesterday by Antwerp city councillors Rob Van de Velde (planning) and Nabilla Ait Daoud (environment).

Photo courtesy Delva Landscape Architects