Subsidies offered to groups creating communities in Brussels


VGC has launched the Bruss-it subsidy, worth up to €15,000 per group, for organisations involved in creating a ‘better, smarter, more social’ city

Social renewal

The Flemish Community Commission (VGC), which represents Flemish people living and working in Brussels, has announced the introduction of a new subsidy to encourage ideas for “a better, prettier, smarter and more social Brussels”.

Ideas for Bruss-it are invited from all sorts of groups – associations, schools, neighbourhood organisation or civic collectives – for projects that aim to create communities in the public sphere. Subsidies can go up to €15,000.

Examples of projects that the VGC is looking for could include shared temporary spaces, meeting places for the exchange of ideas, or social and cultural events in public or semi-public spaces. The idea for the fund goes back to the VGC’s governing accord from 2014, when it decided to set aside 10% of the Urban Fund budget for bottom-up urban social renewal. The mission was to create new forms of activism and co-operation.

Applications for subsidy can be submitted until 7 November, and the successful projects will be announced in December to start in the New Year. There will be another call for projects in 2017.

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