Suske en Wiske drawings bring in €95,000 at auction


Original drawings from a 1970s Suske en Wiske strip album about Peter Paul Rubens have brought in €95,000 at auction, exceeding expectations

Ruben’s Apprentice

Original black-and-white drawings from the 1977 Suske en Wiske comic strip album De raap van Rubens (Rubens’ Apprentice) brought in €95,000 at the Dutch online auction Catawiki this week. The 69 pages were sold separately and earned some €20,000 more than expected.

Page 37 (pictured) brought in €3,200 alone for its unique quality of being a full-page drawing, uncommon in Suske en Wiske strips. De raap van Rubens, album number 164 in the Suske en Wiske series – known as Spike and Suzy in English – is considered one of the strip’s classics and is also the longest, at 80 pages.

De raap van Rubens finds Suske and Wiske travelling back to 17th-century Antwerp to meet Rubens, Antoon Van Dyck and Jacob Jordaens. It was drawn by Paul Geerts, who drew the strip after its founder, Willy Vandersteen, moved on to other projects within Studio Vandersteen. The album was published on Ruben’s 400th birthday.