Theater van A tot Z to take latest show to Eastern Europe


The theatre company that produces shows for those who speak Dutch as a second language is hitting the road

Dag Polen

Theater van A tot Z is about to take its new production on the road. The theatre company creates stage shows specifically designed for Dutch-language learners and those who speak it as a second language.

The continued popularity of its sold-out performances would appear to be a testament to how much they are needed. With 60 performances across Belgium over the last 18 months – most of them sold out – Lachland (Laugh Land) is no different. Except it’s heading to Eastern Europe.

Lachland, a comedy review in the theatre’s trademark clear and simple Dutch, is scheduled to run in the Czech Republic and Poland. “We have been invited by Dutch-language university departments in both countries,” says Lachland director Peter Schoenaerts. “Hundreds of students there are learning Dutch.”

The shows will take place early next week in Olomouc and in Wrocław. “Students are being brought in from Prague, Brno and even Bratislava in Slovakia. We are so looking forward to this.”

Theater van A tot Z’s productions star both native and non-native speakers. Three years ago, its Gelukkig zijn, a sing-along variety show featuring popular Flemish songs, was in such demand that they had to extend its run. Flemish people also bought up tickets, delighted to hear their classics being embraced by foreigners living here.

Even the Flemish press jumped on the bandwagon, giving Gelukkig zijn enthusiastic reviews and opening up discussions on how the project not only gets newcomers involved in local culture but brings Flemings and foreigners together in a way that is hard to accomplish.

Lachland will be on stage locally again in May, but other Theater van A tot Z productions can be see now.