Mayor of Bruges recovering following stabbing


A client of Dirk De Fauw has been arrested after he stabbed the Bruges mayor and lawyer in the neck

Touched by messages from citizens

The mayor of Bruges, Dirk De Fauw (CD&V), has left hospital and hopes to return to work as soon as possible, after he was stabbed in the neck on Saturday. A 35-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the attack, which happened inside the law firm that De Fauw (pictured) owns.

The man stabbed De Fauw, 62, with a paring knife. The 14cm-long incision needed 24 stitches. “Had it not been a paring knife but something bigger, then I probably wouldn’t be sitting here today,” De Fauw told VRT on Sunday.

An investigation has been opened into attempted murder and the suspect is due to appear in court this Friday. The motive remains unclear, but De Fauw confirmed that the suspect is a client of his and that he has been handling his financial affairs for some 15 years.

‘Bruges needs you’

Politicians and the king sent De Fauw well wishes as news of the event emerged, but he said that it was the words from his constituents in Bruges that really touched him. “I have received so many texts and messages via WhatsApp with people telling me that they had to cry when they heard the news.”

De Fauw himself became emotional relating the messages. “They said ‘we need you, Bruges needs you. The citizens of Bruges see you as a kind mayor who spends time with the people. And we hope to see you back soon’.”

De Fauw has no idea what set the man off and said that there had never been problems or arguments between the two before.

Photo courtesy VRT