‘The Message is Light’ sends your message to Sint-Truiden Hospital staff


A local artist has suspended a massive installation in front of Sint-Trudo Hospital to offer messages and candlelight to staff

‘Literally filled with hope’

Limburg artist Tom Herck has arranged for a massive sculptural installation to hover in front of the Sint-Trudo Hospital in Sint-Truiden. Made especially for the hospital, one of the hardest-hit in the coronavirus crisis, the installation will be filled with messages from citizens.

“The Message is Light” is a chandelier made up of three tiers of post-boxes. Herck is collecting messages from Belgians and will print and “post” them to the boxes. They will then be taken out and delivered to hospital staff on 19 May.

The night before, he will attach candles to the postboxes and light them. The installation will go back up by 22.00 and stay up all night. “The artwork shows us the light at the end of the tunnel,” says Herck.

There are 33 post-boxes and 33 candles – the same number of vertebrae in humans. “The  healthcare sector and everyone on the frontline of the fight against corona are the backbone of our time,” said Herck. “The three rings of this installation are 1.5 metres apart as a reference to social distancing. It will remain suspended for eight days as a symbol of support for anyone suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The number eight is also symbolic – “a symbol of infinity and a constant flow of energy and power”.

Anyone wanting to deliver a message to “The Message is Light” is invited to send it to Herck at tomherck@gmail.com or to his Facebook page or Instagram account by 17 May.

Photo: ‘The Message is Light’ by Tom Herck, photo by Erik Jamarar