• News in Brief

    9 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    An antiquarian books dealer in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, has unearthed a prayer book apparently dating from 1460, containing two poems by the Bruges poet Anthonius de Roovere (1430-1482). If authentic, the book will be the oldest surviving example of de Roovere's work. He was the first-ever city poet in the Netherlands, and received an annual salary from the city of Bruges, as well as the income from his poems; he was also among the first to see his work published, and his books sold well during his lifetime. The prayer book, which may have been made for a close friend of the poet, also contains two works copied from the Gruuthuse manuscript, and two anonymous works.  Full story
  • The Russian food sector provided investment opportunities

    Investors abandoned Belgium in 2008

    9 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Inward investment in Europe stayed stable last year - but not in Belgium. According to the latest report from accountancy giant Ernst & Young, the number of new investment projects in this country fell by nearly 20% last year, thanks largely to the lack of political stability. Full story
  • Kris Peeters and CD&V chairwoman Marianne Thyssen

    Big changes, but Kris Peeters set for second term

    9 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Every election brings a surprise, as former Belgian prime minister Wilfried Martens used to say. Sunday's election brought two: N-VA's victory was much larger than expected and Open VLD lost much more than was predicted. There is no longer such a thing as a large party in Flanders. The political landscape now exists of a set of medium-sized parties. Last Sunday's regional election has two clear winners, CD&V and N-VA, and two major losers, Vlaams Belang and Open VLD. Bart Somers resigned as president of the latter on election night. Full story
  • A slice of life

    9 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    You pass by them in the regular course of your day. There are people there from opening to closing, and they seem friendly, too. But you never go in. It always seems like you're an outsider.Full story
  • de Tour

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Time for a break. Get away from it all. A change of air and of scenery. As in recent years, we will be heading south. Gone are the days of July in bonnie Scotland - well at least until climate change comes into full effect. Full story
  • Proximus (c) Reuters

    Record €66 million fine for Proximus

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Telecoms giant Belgacom last week suffered its second major blow in a week, with the announcement that the Competition Council is to carry out an "informal" investigation of a demand sent by the company to its suppliers calling for price cuts of at least 20%. Earlier in the week, daughter company Proximus, the mobile phone operator, had received the biggest fine ever handed out in a competition case. The company will appeal the €66.3 million fine, given by the Council as a result of abuse of a dominant market position. Full story
  • Michiel Vanderweert

    Face of Flanders – Michiel Vandeweert

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    The big Flemish name in Germany these days is not big at all. He's about a metre 10, weighs around 15 kilos, and he's bald, even though he's not yet 11.Full story
  • The tapestry blockbuster of the age


    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    More than three hundred years ago, an extraordinary order was placed with the Brussels atelier of Judecos de Vos, the renowned tapestry manufacturer and court weaver of France's King Louis XIV. The order, for the princely sum of 40,000 Italian scudi,was to produce a set of 29 hangings for the St John's Co-Cathedral in the Maltese capital of Valletta.Full story
  • (c) Jan de Nul

    Building a new future

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    The Jan de Nul Group hit the headlines recently when its dredging ship, the Pompei, was seized by Somali pirates. The dredger, or stone carrier, was on its way to Durban from Dubai when it was captured off the coast of East Africa, north of the Seychelles, on 18 April. As Flanders Today goes to press, the Pompei remains anchored of the Somali coast while negotiations for its release continue. Full story
  • Veronique Branquinho (c) Belga

    Top Antwerp designer closes down label

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Antwerp-based designer Veronique Branquinho is to close down her label James after ten years. The designer blamed falling orders, as well as a number of customers who defaulted on payment. Full story