• Tommelein, wat doe je nu?

    17 Mar 2009 by
    When Tom Boonen became cycling world champion in 2005, a sports commentator shouted out: “Tommeke, Tommeke, Tommeke, wat doe je nu?” (Little Tom, what are you doing now?”). It has since become an expression in Flanders. Now, political journalists are asking: “Tommelein, Tommelein, Tommelein, wat du je nu?”Full story
  • News in brief

    17 Mar 2009 by
    Antwerp is the world’s second-best city to live in, along with Brussels, according to a survey carried out by human resources consultancy ECA International. Top of the list was Copenhagen, which also came first last year. All of the cities in the top 20 are European, while Kabul and Baghdad came last.  --Full story
  • YouTube video

    Motorway madness “irresponsible”

    17 Mar 2009 by
    Road safety advocates and federal transport secretary Etienne Schouppe were last week reported to be shocked at two videos, both appearing on YouTube, showing examples of “insane” road behaviour. Full story
  • Sabotage at Sabena

    Army aircraft sabotaged

    17 Mar 2009 by
    Police are investigating the apparent sabotage of two aircraft that were being maintained at Brussels Airport by Sabena Technics, the Zaventem-based company that once formed part of the national airline. One of the aircraft was confirmed as a military C-130 transport plane, while the other belonged to Brussels Airlines. Full story
  • Antwerp Waterfront

    The quay to the future

    17 Mar 2009 by
    “I think it’s important to foster the unique aspects of what we have today on the Scheldekaaien,” says Philippe Teughels. “Take a walk alongside the river, feel the wind, step out of hectic city life. That’s more important than development.” Full story
  • The age crunch

    The age crunch

    10 Mar 2009 by
    Flanders’ modern demographics are a ticking time bomb. We’ve know that for awhile now. Populations are dwindling as young couples become increasingly disinterested in having large families, and not having children at all is becoming more common. Full story
  • Boma has got himself a girlfriend

    Face of Flanders: Balthasar Boma

    10 Mar 2009 by
    In the past couple of weeks, a bombshell has been dropped on Flemish television – something that’s been talked about for nearly two decades, but which nobody ever seriously believed would come to pass: Balthasar Boma has got himself a girlfriend. Full story
  • Craftsmen

    Antiques of the future

    10 Mar 2009 by
    Interior architect Yves Michiels is an extremely persuasive man. When he’s expounding his vision of craftsmanship, he’s passionate: “You can see craftsmanship. You can touch it. It’s the result of years and years of experience, passed down through generations. Such craftsmanship should not be lost. It should be cherished.”Full story
  • Ghent's new brewery, Gruut beer

    Something brewing in East Flanders

    10 Mar 2009 by
    A Belgian beer on tap in the United States that we in Belgium have not yet seen or tasted? Sounds absurd, right? It’s a reality that is about to change with the opening of Gentse Stadsbrouwerij, or Ghent City Brewery, next week.Full story
  • Tobacco Museum

    Smoke signals

    10 Mar 2009 by
    If you recently kicked the habit and have just stubbed out your last Marlboro Light, then the National Tobacco Museum is probably not for you at the moment. But for anyone else, it’s highly recommended as it offers an insightful look back at the history of tobacco over the last four centuries.Full story