• De Persgroep takes over PCM

    Business News

    10 Mar 2009 by
    Flemish media company De Persgroep, publisher of daily newspapers De Morgen and Het Laatste Nieuws, among other properties, has bought a 51% share in PCM, which publishes major Dutch titles such as NRC Handelsblad, Trouw and major sellers De Volkskrant and Algemeen Dagblad. Full story
  • Batsman Alastair Cook may play for the English, but he has Flanders to thank for his game

    Cricket on Flanders Fields

    10 Mar 2009 by
    Think cricket and you probably think of rural England. Village greens, spotless whites, the thwack of willow and polite applause. But cricket might not be so quintessentially English after all. In fact, the news of late suggests it originated in...can you guess? Flanders.Full story
  • Cheese-maker Peter Boonen and the winning Achelse Blauwe

    The big blue

    10 Mar 2009 by
    A blue cheese from Limburg won first prize for Best Original Cheese at the prestigious Caseus Awards competition in France. The Achelse Blauwe, or Achel Blue, cheese was chosen from among more than a dozen entrants for its “soft, creamy texture” and “unaggressive taste” – and none of it would have been possible without interfering EU bureaucrats. Full story
  • The cleverest person

    10 Mar 2009 by
    Money down the drain. That is what the journalists at De Standaard and VRT sometimes say whenever a new opinion poll is published in which everything has stayed the same. Now and then, however, these polls do show new trends, sometimes so surprising that people find them hard to believe. Full story
  • Peter de Wolf, chief of Ghent's police

    Ghent police chief suspended over forgery and lies

    10 Mar 2009 by
    The chief of Ghent’s police, Peter De Wolf, has been suspended from his post after allegations that he falsified a declaration regarding a road accident in which he was involved. Full story
  • Anja Hermans

    Hermans goes to jail for “misbehaviour”

    10 Mar 2009 by
    Anja Hermans has been  sentenced to eight months in prison, a €1,100 fine and an exclusion order to keep her from the vicinity of the Doel nuclear power plant after she breached security about a dozen times to draw attention to the fact that security at the facility was so inadequate.Full story
  • Lange Wapper bridge

    Lange Wapper bridge plan collapses under weight of protestors

    10 Mar 2009 by
    The fate of a controversial viaduct which would pass only metres above houses in central Antwerp was thrown into doubt last week when a report on the plan strongly supported alternatives. Critics greeted the report as a victory, and one minister in the Flemish government pushed for a quick decision and for alternative plans to be scrapped. Full story
  • Touring the Trappist monasteries

    3 Mar 2009 by
    The best known of Flanders’ Trappist beers is Westmalle, and, remarkably, for all its global renown, it is still brewed traditionally at the Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, a pleasant bike ride from the beautiful town of Turnhout. Full story
  • The week in business

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Airport services • Aviapartner Airport services company Aviapartner was due this week to announce an agreement with its banks that will help bring the company back from the edge of bankruptcy. Last week Aviapartner reached agreement with staff on the withdrawal of 12 vacation days, part of a package designed to avoid redundancies and pay cuts. Aviapartner is suffering from a severe debt burden and a drop in demand as a result of the economic crisis. Full story
  • New workers are part time and low paid

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Fewer than half of all new entrants to the workforce start with a full-time job, according to research carried out by the Leuven-based research bureau Steunpunt WSE. Of the 164,000 young people who entered the workforce for the first time in 2006, 18.9% were temping and 32.2% had taken a part-time job. Just under half – 48.9% – were starting off in fulltime employment. Full story