• Abdinasser Rezkallah

    Abdinasser Rezkallah

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Although the young people of New York five years ago chose to call their new organisation the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT), many of them are really the Muslim leaders of today. They are perhaps not presidents of countries, but the members of this now international non-profit organisation is working on issues those leaders are failing to successfully tackle: improving employment options and cross-cultural relationships in their communities and stopping the radicalisation of their young people.Full story
  • Nissim Israël


    3 Mar 2009 by
    The mixing and matching of different labels or of fashion with other forms of art has never been so popular. But since when did it become boring for a designer to be confined to one brand? And when did we begin expecting fashion brands to produce all kinds of side products?Full story
  • Not just American children know Benjamin Franklin

    Letter from America

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Benjamin Franklin, as all American schoolchildren quickly learn, is one of America’s “Founding Fathers” and his likeness graces the US $100 bill. Franklin’s achievements in science, diplomacy and other areas still stand after centuries. And all this is due to the flight of hard-working Flemish weavers, who left their homeland with little but a dream for a better life in a new land and the hope to practice their faith.Full story
  • Cleopatra bathing in De Oude Kaasmakerij

    Passion in Passendale

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Soon after entering De Oude Kaasmakerij, the cheese factory museum in Passendale, you realise it’s a museum with a difference.Full story
  • Mother and son team Micheline and Jelle of Leuven won the first season of Mijn Restaurant!

    Deliciously bitter

    3 Mar 2009 by
    This week, the first episode in a new series of Mijn Restaurant! (My Restaurant) was broadcast on VTM, with the expectation that Flanders, as before, is going to be perched on the edge of its seat for the next few months. Full story
  • Peeters in New York for the opening of the new Flanders House

    Opel reveals plan for €3.3 billion bailout

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Opel could be turned into a self-sufficient European company – but only with €6.3 billion in state aid, the company announced last weekend. Moreover, it warned that even that option would still involve cutting costs by nearly €1 billion. Full story
  • Leuven police called in to stop email virus

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Leuven University has filed a complaint with the police in an effort to stem the flow of emails from across the world reacting to a fake news story which appeared to carry the University’s imprimatur. Full story
  • New York, New York

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Last week saw the opening in Manhattan of Flanders House, “a unique portal” and “gateway to Flanders”, with offices in the prestigious New York Times Building. Present at the official opening were Flemish minister-president Kris Peeters, Flemish minister for the economy Patricia Ceysens, and Scala, a Flemish girls’ choir. Geert Bourgeois was not invited. The Flanders House was originally his idea, but since he had resigned as a minister in the Flemish government, there was no Big Apple trip for him. Full story
  • Cancer charity marks 20th anniversary

    3 Mar 2009 by
    The Flemish League Against Cancer last week launched its bi-annual campaign “Kom op tegen kanker” (Come Up Against Cancer) 20 years after it was set up. This year’s theme returns to an earlier preoccupation: research into cancer in children. Every year about 300 children in Belgium are diagnosed, with 80% finding a cure. A priority for funding this year will be clinical tests for possible treatments. Full story
  • Free Mortgage insurance for Flanders

    News in brief

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Kim De Gelder, the 20-year-old arrested for the killings at the Fabeltjesland crèche in Dendermonde last month, has now been officially detained on suspicion of the murder of a 73-year-old woman in her farmhouse in Vrasene. She was killed a week before De Gelder went on the rampage in Dendermonde, stabbing to death two babies and a care worker. De Gelder denies the charge, his lawyer said.  Full story