• Kunstenfestival


    5 May 2009 by
    It’s Kunstenfestivaldesarts season – the über-contemporary arts festival with the quintessentially Brussels name. Now in its 14th incarnation, Brussels inhabitants are already confronted with an abundance of advertising, and they will soon be tripping over arts installations, not to mention passing at least one of the 315 resident artists in the street. Full story
  • Cheap chic

    28 Apr 2009 by
    Don’t think for a second that true fashion lovers will give up on their favourite designers just because there’s a recession. Full story
  • Tyre Tracks

    28 Apr 2009 by
    Tongeren   Tongeren is a well-preserved hilltop town in Limburg province and the oldest settlement in Belgium.  This was the area of Ambiorix, who won celebrated victories against Julius Caesar in the first century BC, and is commemorated by a splendid statue on the square in front of Tongeren’s famous basilica.Full story
  • Defending the coast

    28 Apr 2009 by
    Morcheeba must have visited the Flemish coast at some time. Their song “The Sea” could have been written in Blankenberge:   Flocking to the seaCrowds of people wait for meSea gulls scavengeSteal ice creamWorries vanishWithin my dreamFull story
  • Jazz meets classical

    28 Apr 2009 by
    Throughout musical history, from the Baroque period onwards at any rate, composers have been fascinated by the interplay between a single instrument and the orchestra, giving rise to the “concerto”. The word means “working together”, oddly because the main characteristic of the genre is that one of the instruments is not playing together with the rest. The soloist plays with the orchestra, but is not of the orchestra. Full story
  • Daan

    Doubt is his religion

    28 Apr 2009 by
    Daan (born Stuyven, but he dropped his surname with his first solo outing 10 years ago) receives me in his studio in Elsene, which is loaded with instruments: keyboards, a grand piano and, most impressively, nearly 70 guitars, neatly arranged, filling almost two walls. Full story
  • Mechelen

    Vision of a city

    28 Apr 2009 by
    This year marks the 450th anniversary of the archbishopric in Mechelen, an occasion the city is recognising by throwing a three-month cultural festival. Dubbed City Visions, the festival, which runs until 21 June, looks back at Mechelen's colourful history. But it also focuses on the future by shedding light on the numerous renovation projects in this marvellous little city that is often underrated by both tourists and locals alike.  Full story
  • AB

    AB-solutely Fabulous

    28 Apr 2009 by
    If you live anywhere near Brussels, chances are you have already been to the Ancienne Belgique to see a concert. Maybe your neighbours regularly go there to check out new artists, or maybe their parents are still talking about that Adamo performance from way-back-when. For this is no ordinary live music venue.Full story
  • Fashionista

    21 Apr 2009 by
    The growing popularity of fashion museums begs the question: why does fashion belongs in a museum? Full story
  • Let battle commence

    21 Apr 2009 by
    Forget the Rumble in the Jungle and the posturing of Foreman and Ali. For a true heavyweight contest, come to the Oostende Kursaal the first weekend of May when national champions from all over Europe slug it out in a physically demanding, nerve-racking battle to the death. It’s the European Brass Band Championships.Full story