• Fashionista

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Knokke. It's the place where Belgium's rich and semi-famous go to pretend they're in Saint-Tropez. It's the only municipality in our country where not one but several extravagant luxury fairs are organised, be it in beautiful tents on the beach or in the casino (which is more old than grand). Full story
  • Sapountzis projects his confrontations with Mechelen's monuments on cloth banner

    Imagining history

    25 Aug 2009 by Lisa Bradshaw
    "It's impossible to know where you're heading if you don't know where you came from," says Katerina Gregos. This was the starting point from which she formulated the theme for this year's Contour festival in Mechelen: Hidden in Remembrance is the Silent Memory of Our Future.Full story
  • Performance soup

    25 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    In many ways, Kaaitheater is as typically "Brussels" as you can get.Full story
  • bite

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Believe it or not, Monday is one of my favourite days of the week. That's the afternoon I head over to my local bio shop to pick up my weekly vegetable pack.Full story
  • Worlds Inside, Outside

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Flemish photographer Nele Van Canneyt has been capturing her surroundings on film for more than 10 years. Tired of the grey tones in her native Ghent, she started travelling the world in search of vibrant colours and meaningful compositions. She succeeding beautifully: her work burst with life and longing. Full story
  • Koen Gevaert has made ready-made meals 40% of the company’s production

    A natural conclusion

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Natuurvlees Dobbelaere is changing people's ideas about bio products. Most people in Belgium associate organic food shops with vegetarianism, but this wholesale meat supplier is slowly altering this misperception as they produce more than 50 organic meals for organic supermarkets and small shop all over Flanders.Full story
  • tyre tracks

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    This is a great ride to take with a bathing suit and towel in your bag. You could even make it the basis of a summer day trip from Brussels: just take a bike on the train to Ostend, and in a short ride you're on the beach and away from the crowds, pedalling until the water seems nicest for a swim.Full story
  • Splendour in the plants

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    If you, like me, are having a hard time giving up on the idea that you are still on holiday, try easing yourself back into the daily grind slowly by becoming a tourist in your own country for the rest of August. There are plenty of castles to get lost in and towers to climb in Flanders, but perhaps my best day this month was spent at Meise Botanical Garden.Full story
  • Stage fright: Marilou Mermans


    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    It must have sounded like the perfect pitch. Three septuagenarians (Claire, Magda, Lutgard) revive the successful girl group they had almost half a century earlier. The motor behind the project is Sid (Jan Van Looveren), Claire's prodigal son who for years has been trying to get a break as an rhythm & blues musician. And indeed, Meisjes (called The Over the Hill Band in English) could have been a heart-warming tragicomedy. Full story
  • Among other things, the Brigittines Festival is infamous for its on-stage nudity

    The embodiment of the odd

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Les Brigittines' International Festival has always been weird, but this year they are truly owning it. The festival's theme, announced proudly on the cover of the programme and website, is inescapable: "Gezichten van het Vreemde", or "Strange Faces". Consider yourself warned.Full story