• More than meets the eye

    10 Feb 2010 by a a
    Photographic reproductions, such as you see on this page, don’t do Stefan Annerel’s work justice. Sure, pictures capture the vibrant colours and intricate structure, but these are works that have to be encountered face-toface to truly appreciate their dazzling beauty and hidden depths. For lack of a better word, they have to be experienced.Full story

    10 Feb 2010 by a a
    “The Flemish Brigitte Bardot” blared the headline in Het Nieuwsblad a few weeks ago above an interview with Elle- June Henrard. Although the resemblance essentially stops at the lips, Henrard (pictured) is indeed a beautiful young woman, snatched out of secondary school to play the role of a teenager lured into the world of high-class prostitution.Full story
  • Don Carlos

    10 Feb 2010 by a a
    The longest and blackest of Verdi’s operas, Don Carlos is also the only one with a – partly – Flemish plot. It’s 1559, and the Low Countries are smarting under Spanish rule. Don Carlos, the son of King Philip II of Spain, has just met and fallen in love with the woman he is to marry, the French king’s daughter Elisabeth de Valois. When Philip decides to keep Elisabeth for himself, Carlos turns political and existential rebel and joins the cause of the oppressed Flemings.Full story
  • Get your Aalst on

    10 Feb 2010 by a a
    Where better to celebrate the few days before Lent than in Aalst – the small Flemish city with the big Carnival reputation. The celebrations date back, in fact, to mediaeval times, but the parades, events and parties as we know them today are this year being organised for the 82nd time. From 14 to 16 February, Aalst paints a picture of tradition, folklore, political takedowns, cross-dressing and a whole lot of beer.Full story
  • bite

    3 Feb 2010 by a a
    For some, the Michelin guide is a culinary bible – and while it’s true that Michelin recommends a selection of restaurants where you are more-or-less guaranteed a fine dining experience, I guess my tastes are often a little too exotic for them.Full story
  • Naughty Nights

    3 Feb 2010 by a a
    In a cold room on a Sunday afternoon, a group of halfnaked women with heavily made up faces watch as a tall, regal and impossibly sexy woman wriggles and spirals in a modern belly dance. Instead of applause at the end of her performance, she turns expectantly towards a thin woman who has been sitting in the corner, watching her tight lipped. Obviously not impressed, Miss Deena Ray delivers some hard-hitting advice to the girl adorned in a peacock headdress and gold-bead harem pants; she wants to know why the performer still has her top on.Full story
  • “The Broken Column”, 1944

    Painting body and soul

    3 Feb 2010 by a a
    So many of the best-known works of iconic 20thcentury artists show no trace of the personal events that marked their lives. This isn’t the case with the oeuvres of Frida Kahlo, arguably Mexico’s most famous artistic, political and sexual revolutionary.Full story
  • The Flemish Primitives meet propaganda in “The Crucifixion”and“The Last Supper"

    The design criminals

    3 Feb 2010 by a a
    Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel say their new exhibition space in Antwerp will be a possibility for them to introduce their work to Belgium. The comment is rather surprising coming from a design couple who have been working together for a decade, have had about 200 exhibitions around the world, including London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and New York’s Guggenheim and Museum of Modern Art, and have gathered numerous accolades, such as Designers of the Year awarded by the style bible Wallpaper*.Full story
  • 20 Dresses for Europe

    3 Feb 2010 by a a
    Though many would agree that a beautiful dress is a piece of art, would you ever associate it with a book? It’s a challenge that 20 Dresses for Europe has taken on with aplomb.Full story
  • Anny Van Hecke-Ortiz at home in Quito

    Two worlds for a new one

    3 Feb 2010 by a a
    Protests on Avenue Eloy Alfaro in Quito are slowing traffic, and Anny Van Hecke-Ortiz can only watch. “They’re protesting at the president, Rafael Correa,” she says. “I was the one who approved his scholarship to study for his Master’s degree in Belgium, years ago. And now he’s president. He always was a charmer.”Full story