• Among other things, the Brigittines Festival is infamous for its on-stage nudity

    The embodiment of the odd

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Les Brigittines' International Festival has always been weird, but this year they are truly owning it. The festival's theme, announced proudly on the cover of the programme and website, is inescapable: "Gezichten van het Vreemde", or "Strange Faces". Consider yourself warned.Full story
  • Wander through settings of contemporary Flemish fairy tales

    Hey Red, where you goin’?

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Once upon a time an unsuspecting Antwerpenaar went to Hasselt to indulge in some shopping and sightseeing. Little did she know that when she got off the train she would encounter a magical and inconspicuous place called the Literair Museum Hasselt. Shocked and amazed by this unexpected delight, she entered into the realms of this enchanting house where fairy tales temporarily come to life.Full story
  • The good old days

    18 Aug 2009 by a a
    Going back to basics has never been so hot, as evidenced by the growing popularity of charming bed and breakfasts and renovated farmhouses with guest rooms decorated to look like your grandmother lived there: a basket of firewood by the door, handmade soaps in the bathroom, a claw foot tub, creaky wooden floors, wrought-iron beds and shelves lined with jars of homemade jam.Full story
  • bite

    13 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    When the summer heat strikes, it’s time for een ijsje – an ice cream. Although it remains a hotly contested title, one might argue that no one knows ice cream better than the Italians. And of the Italian ice cream in Brussels, a certain block in Ukkel pits two top-quality producers against one another.  Full story
  • Ostend Film Festival

    12 Aug 2009 by Flanders Today
    There are some choice opportunities for star-gazing at the Ostend Film Festival - the only festival in Flanders that mixes the big three forms of screen entertainment: film, television and video gaming.Full story
  • The fishing tradition is "fading away, in full view of the public."

    Something fishy

    11 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Christelle Dewaele handles the fish deftly, picking up mackerel, kingfish, sole with ease, all the while beckoning the meandering crowd to come a little closer. A fishmonger at Den Vistrap, an outdoor stall on the Visserskaai, or Fisherman's Quay, in Ostend, Dewaele has been hawking freshly caught fish since she married her fisherman husband five years ago. But knew she would end up in this stall, cleaning, weighing and selling fish, since she was a child.Full story
  • The Art Deco Veldstraat pool (Antwerp) reopened last spring

    Water babies

    11 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Just about every town in Flanders has swimming facilities, and most have that little extra something, be it an elaborately decorated, Art Nouveau bath house, a scenic outdoor bathing spot or the world's deepest diving pool.Full story
  • Knokke Biennale: furniture byHannes Vanseveren, paintings by Fien Muller

    Playful in pink

    11 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Jan Hoet Jr and his partner Delphine Bekaert returned home from this year's Venice Biennale and the Art Basel festival with an idea as to how they would use their new gallery space in Knokke this summer: they would organise their own biennale.Full story
  • The edgy, imperfect style of Ward Zwart

    Art Trek: The Sixth Generation

    11 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Giving a new generation of graphic artists the opportunity to show their work to a larger audience is the goal of Art Trek, a unique annual concept launched by Antwerpenaar Eva Cardon. "We started Art Trek as an art show because we felt there was a void in the art landscape for young illustrators who don't work around conceptual art but prefer to draw," she explains. "I just felt there was something missing. So we decided to do our own exhibition, and it snowballed into an annual event."Full story
  • Thirty percent of Flander's raw sewage goes straight into the rivers


    11 Aug 2009 by Alan Hope
    Faeces, nitrates and salmonella. These are just some of the scary pollutants found in Belgian bathing water. In a recent survey by the European Commission, the Flemish coastline was found to be one of the dirtiest in Europe.Full story