• Fashionista


    7 Apr 2009 by
    Do you still think fashion shows are only for the eyes of the rich and famous or fashion journalists? A group of Antwerp students is doing its best to prove you wrong with IncuFashion.Full story
  • Madonna

    Coming to you live

    7 Apr 2009 by
    What do Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and the Eagles have in common? Apart from being major rock stars, they are also appearing on stage in Belgium this year. For this, we have Live Nation to thank. Full story
  • Snakes on a beach

    7 Apr 2009 by Lisa Bradshaw
    Ten years ago, Marnick Croes had to choose between his job and the 200 reptiles living in his home. He went with the reptiles and now runs one of Blankenberge's top tourist attractionsFull story
  • Goya, Redon, Ensor

    Masking the inhuman in us all

    7 Apr 2009 by
    Goya, Redon, Ensor. At first glance, these three renowned painters have very little in common. But when you delve a little deeper into these eclectic oeuvres, you'll notice their mutual fascination and depiction of the grotesque is a remarkable theme that links these three diverse artists and forms the basis of this extraordinary exhibition in Antwerp.Full story
  • Charles the Bold

    Lost and found

    7 Apr 2009 by
    Imagine that, for some strange reason, the whole of the Royal Collection of King Albert II had to be moved out of the Royal Palace of Brussels. The vast range of objets d'art, sculptures, paintings, tapestries, furniture, silverware and porcelain is labelled, packaged and loaded into trucks. It heads out of the palace gates…and disappears. Imagine the national anguish and fury at the loss of such irreplaceable treasures. Full story
  • Group housing schemes

    Shared lives

    7 Apr 2009 by
    Flanders is bursting at the seams. Its population density already stands at a chock-a-block 456 inhabitants per square kilometre. In other words, we are more squashed together than people in Japan (339 per sq km) or India (336 per sq km). Full story
  • Patati Patata

    No textbook needed

    31 Mar 2009 by
    “Every time I try to speak Dutch, they just switch to (insert any other language here).” For many who have tried their hand at learning a bit of the local language in Belgium, this scenario sounds all too familiar. Although ‘any other language’ is an exaggeration, it is meant as a ‘hats off’ to the incomparable language skills of most native Dutch speakers. What they don’t realise, though, while accommodating others by showing off their polyglottism, is that they are in fact discouraging people who might otherwise be willing to learn to speak Dutch with fluency.Full story
  • Flanders

    These routes are made for walking

    31 Mar 2009 by
    What comes to mind when you think of long-distance footpaths? The Pennine Way in England? El Camino de Santiago in Spain? France’s vast network of Grandes Randonnées?Full story
  • De Markten

    Nostalgia is the new black

    31 Mar 2009 by
    With global warming, jittery banks and pension funds threatening to collapse, you might wonder what a retired life will look like in the future. What will we do? What will we wear? Will chewing gum still be an option? Given the choice, rather than being miserable at home, why not head down to somewhere like De Markten in Brussels, where you can plunge into a genuinely feelgood retro dance event. Hell, why wait?Full story
  • The Call of the Weird

    31 Mar 2009 by
    To quote the late Hunter S. Thompson, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”. Somewhere along the way, the “weird” also get offered a slot on the bill of the annual Domino festival at the Ancienne Belgique.Full story