• Art + Sea = Ostend

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    Long known (and recently touted in these pages) as a city that attracts artists of all kinds, Ostend has been chosen as Flanders’ first-ever “City of Culture”. The title is the initiative of former culture minister Bert Anciaux, who chose Ostend to come first, followed by Turnhout in 2012. (On the in-between years, the Flemish Region will appoint a “City of Sport”.)Full story
  • Mr Nobody

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    Once upon a time, Jaco Van Dormael was, thanks to his debut Toto le héros (Toto the Hero), the golden boy of the francophone Belgian cinema. But he hasn’t directed a film since his second feature Le huitième jour (The Eighth Day) from 1996. He did invest quite some time in a Tintin project until Hergé's widow decided that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson were better suited.Full story
  • A walk in the redwoods

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    Welcome to the second of our four-part winterwandeling (winter walking) series. This week we take you to Flemish Brabant and the exceptional Geographical Arboretum of Tervuren, which hosts a spectacular collection of trees from around the world.Full story
  • The Flemish Primitives, take 2

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    The title might seem strange for a food event. But the group of chefs gathering on 8 February at the Concertgebouw in Bruges have much in common with the 15th-century painters known collectively as the Flemish Primitives: they are masters in their field, collaborating to expand the talent and scope of their art.Full story
  • Welcome home

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    To say that Graanmarkt 13 is another concept store would be selling it short. It also wouldn’t be accurate. More than two years ago, Ilse Cornelissens and her husband, Tim Van Geloven, started dreaming of their own shop in Antwerp. But their dreams were anything but conventional.Full story
  • Meooooww!!

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    There are plenty of cafes with plenty of gimmicks in Belgium. Maybe they have a kitschy collection of junk. Maybe they’ve preserved their Art Nouveau decor. Maybe they have 120 beers. Upon entering the Ghent cafe Pink Flamingo’s on the nondescript Onderstraat, you feel you’ve entered a den of the first category. It even bills itself as a “kitsch & lounge bar”.Full story
  • Face of Flanders: Portus Ojomo

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    Besides referee Frank De Bleeckere, there will be one more Belgian presence at the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Portus Ojomo, a Nigerian national who arrived in Belgium in 1973 and has been a professional artist since 1980, will be at the highly-anticipated football championship next year in South Africa.Full story
  • Dirty Business

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    A whopping 90% of waste in Flanders comes from industrial sources – from innocuous office rubbish, such as paper and desk chairs, to highly toxic chemicals and metals, which often find their way into the soil and rivers.Full story
  • bite

    20 Jan 2010 by a a
    My parents were visiting from America, and naturally I took them to Bruges. But it wasn’t for the quaint architecture or a canal boat ride. It was for a South African dinner.Full story
  • Heavy Trash

    13 Jan 2010 by a a
    When New York rockabilly merchants Heavy Trash played Ghent’s Vooruit in 2007, the gig was, with impeccable accuracy, billed as a “rock’n’roll master class”. Not of the sit-down-andtake- notes variety, but the kind that leaves you with a gaping mouth, asking yourself, did this just happen?Full story