• Spring

    Business is blooming

    21 Apr 2009 by
    There are some sights you just have to see for yourself, when leafing through your neighbour’s snaps on Flickr is simply not good enough. The Haspengouw in April is one of them.Full story
  • André Poelman

    Generation gaps

    14 Apr 2009 by
    Digging around the garden on my hands and knees, I hear Kenzo, my Bernese Mountain Dog let out a yelp of greeting. Aunt Lieve and “nonkel” André live next door to us. Aunt Lieve always manages to have a kind word for my poor, undernourished dog whilst feeding her garage full of stray cats. She stood at the gate, telling me she was off to the “elderly people” who live down the street to bring them some Easter eggs and fresh baked bread.Full story
  • The Education Centre for Tattoo Art

    The eye of the needle

    14 Apr 2009 by
    Maybe I’ve watched too many Dennis Hopper films or listened to too many Lynyrd Skynyrd albums, but when I imagine a “tattoo school”, it’s dark and threatening, with Harleys parked outside and a junkyard dog, and the lady who runs it chews tobacco and has 85 piercings, and that’s just the ones you can see. Full story
  • Natural Science Museums

    It’s evolutionary, my dear Belgians

    14 Apr 2009 by
    In our house we always refer to it as the Dinosaur Museum, but there’s so much more to the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences in Brussels. While the giant iguanodons are without a doubt the single most impressive exhibit, the museum contains everything from narwhal bones to living tarantulas. Full story
  • Art Brussels

    Show stopper

    14 Apr 2009 by
    Despite the recession, over 32,000 people are expected to descend on Heizel this year for Art Brussels, the capital’s annual contemporary art fair that showcases both the established and the up-and-coming. Full story
  • INIBAP banana biodiversity lab in Leuven

    Antwerp and Leuven are smartest cities

    14 Apr 2009 by
    Antwerp and Leuven are among the 50 cleverest cities in Europe, according to a new book published last week. Antwerp is praised for its fashion, diamonds and port industry, and Leuven for beer and biotechnology. Both cities, like the other 48, “have a very creative population, outstanding entrepreneurs and an attractive reputation,” the book says. Full story
  • Outdoor Exhibition on Flemish Coast

    Art in your swimsuit

    14 Apr 2009 by
    There's stimulation for the mind as well as the body on Flemish beaches this summer, thanks to Beaufort03 contemporary art exhibition. Thirty works are installed from De Panne in the lower west to Knokke-Heist in the upper east, some in sight of the sea, others tucked away in more unusual places. And for those (odd) days when the sun doesn't shine, there's Beaufort Indoors at the Kunstmuseum aan Zee in Ostend. Full story
  • Fashionista


    7 Apr 2009 by
    Do you still think fashion shows are only for the eyes of the rich and famous or fashion journalists? A group of Antwerp students is doing its best to prove you wrong with IncuFashion.Full story
  • Madonna

    Coming to you live

    7 Apr 2009 by
    What do Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and the Eagles have in common? Apart from being major rock stars, they are also appearing on stage in Belgium this year. For this, we have Live Nation to thank. Full story
  • Snakes on a beach

    7 Apr 2009 by Lisa Bradshaw
    Ten years ago, Marnick Croes had to choose between his job and the 200 reptiles living in his home. He went with the reptiles and now runs one of Blankenberge's top tourist attractionsFull story