• Antonin Dvorák

    Dvorák Happening

    3 Mar 2009 by
    It’s a daunting prospect to spend the entire day in the company of any composer, but then there are not many who have the variety and range of Antonin Dvorák, as visitors to deSingel in Antwerp will find out on Sunday, 8 March. From 11.30 all the way through to 22.00, the arts centre features only works by the 19th-century Bohemian master. Full story
  • Touring the Trappist monasteries

    3 Mar 2009 by
    The best known of Flanders’ Trappist beers is Westmalle, and, remarkably, for all its global renown, it is still brewed traditionally at the Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, a pleasant bike ride from the beautiful town of Turnhout. Full story
  • Abdinasser Rezkallah

    Abdinasser Rezkallah

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Although the young people of New York five years ago chose to call their new organisation the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT), many of them are really the Muslim leaders of today. They are perhaps not presidents of countries, but the members of this now international non-profit organisation is working on issues those leaders are failing to successfully tackle: improving employment options and cross-cultural relationships in their communities and stopping the radicalisation of their young people.Full story
  • Nissim Israël


    3 Mar 2009 by
    The mixing and matching of different labels or of fashion with other forms of art has never been so popular. But since when did it become boring for a designer to be confined to one brand? And when did we begin expecting fashion brands to produce all kinds of side products?Full story
  • Not just American children know Benjamin Franklin

    Letter from America

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Benjamin Franklin, as all American schoolchildren quickly learn, is one of America’s “Founding Fathers” and his likeness graces the US $100 bill. Franklin’s achievements in science, diplomacy and other areas still stand after centuries. And all this is due to the flight of hard-working Flemish weavers, who left their homeland with little but a dream for a better life in a new land and the hope to practice their faith.Full story
  • Cleopatra bathing in De Oude Kaasmakerij

    Passion in Passendale

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Soon after entering De Oude Kaasmakerij, the cheese factory museum in Passendale, you realise it’s a museum with a difference.Full story
  • Mother and son team Micheline and Jelle of Leuven won the first season of Mijn Restaurant!

    Deliciously bitter

    3 Mar 2009 by
    This week, the first episode in a new series of Mijn Restaurant! (My Restaurant) was broadcast on VTM, with the expectation that Flanders, as before, is going to be perched on the edge of its seat for the next few months. Full story
  • Koko Flanel

    Culture News

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Benjamin Verdonck has installed a new work in Antwerp-Berchem train station – three blank advertising panels rented from Clear Channel. The conceptual artist says the panels were a protest at the waste of money in the world. Full story
  • Marin Kasimir’s “Interurbain” at COOVI in Anderlecht

    Underground art

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Travel around the metro in Brussels, and works of art leap out at you. Literally, sometimes.Full story
  • Separate and not quite equal: Women push coal at a 19th-century Belgian mine


    3 Mar 2009 by
    I am standing in front of a case of dolls while Els Flour explains something to me that is so obvious, I am ashamed that it never crossed my mind before: in the 19th century, girls’ dolls looked like women. It was only around the turn of the 20th century that the “baby doll” was introduced, to reinforce the idea – from an age when girls were practically infants themselves – that a girl’s job is to take care of babies. Full story