• bite

    9 Dec 2009 by a a
    Food pairing, the matching of unusual flavours in revolutionary combinations, is chic these days. Bruges-based Bernard Lahousse has made a career of it. A bioengineer with a penchant for gastronomy, he works as a consultant with world-renowned chefs and major food companies at the cutting edge of food science. After some time in the business, it became apparent that a website could facilitate this work.Full story
  • Face of Flanders — Zeitgeist

    9 Dec 2009 by Alan Hope
    English, you’ll have noticed, has no word for Zeitgeist. Nevertheless, there’s nothing we like better than to take apart the trends of the moment. Hence the popularity of Google’s annual Zeitgeist report, the latest of which has just been released.Full story
  • Callemeyn and Van Dousselaere made Bekegem synonymous with foie gras

    Friendly faux

    2 Dec 2009 by Alan Hope
    Foie gras, French for “fat liver”, is made from the cooked liver of a duck or goose that has been specifically fattened – and it gets hearts racing. From the culinary die-hards who wax poetic at its mention to the animal lovers who are appalled at the thought of it, foie gras rarely gets a middle-of-the- road response.Full story
  • De slimste title

    2 Dec 2009 by Alan Hope
    The first series of De slimste mens was won by Alain Grootaers (pictured), a former TV journalist and comic commentator, who now lives near Malaga in Andalucia, from where he takes off on regular world trips with his wife and daughter. Has winning the show brought him untold success?  Full story
  • Into the Light

    2 Dec 2009 by Alan Hope
    If you’re bored of the same old municipal Christmas lights being switched on year after year, get over to south Antwerp and check out the light shows and open-air installations that a collection of 19 Belgian and international artists are offering the city.Full story
  • The Queen’s art

    2 Dec 2009 by a a
    Last summer, we ran a story on the show of James Ensor that was staged in New York’s iconic Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). “Urban avant-gardist or small-town loony?” asked the New York Times.Full story
  • Erik Van Looy is back to host the eighth season of De slimste mens ter wereld

    The return of De slimste mens

    2 Dec 2009 by Alan Hope
    Quiz shows are a staple of TV and regularly draw large audiences the world over. But not many quiz shows can lay claim to having contestants who include the prime minister, the President of Europe and those two brothers out of Clouseau.Full story
  • Eva Dewaele performs in W. Forsythe’s timeless Artifact during December Dance

    The Twelve Days of Dance

    2 Dec 2009 by a a
    “I hate themes,” says Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, a direct response to my question about what threads might be running through December Dance.Full story
  • Life is good for you

    2 Dec 2009 by a a
    There’s a small collection of gems hidden behind the Grote Markt in Antwerp: 24 prints that have graced the likes of the Guggenheim Museum in New York and Fondation Cartier in Paris line the walls of an unassuming gallery at number 20 Zirkstraat.Full story
  • Working it

    2 Dec 2009 by a a
    I Need a Witness to Perform, How to Spell a Piece and A Brave Search for Reality are only three of the 20-something intriguing titles that are part of what makes this Brussels performance festival unique.Full story