• Enjoy your sugary hamburger


    14 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    You are no doubt familiar with the infamous publicity campaigns of Absolut, presenting a perfect world seen through vodka-rimmed glasses. Now, this two-dimensional world turns into reality.Full story
  • Oh sure everyone looks happy in an infomercial

    Day of the infomercial: one woman’s story

    14 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    Have you ever found yourself watching an infomercial and nothing can jar you out of your TV-induced stupor? I freely admit to many moments when I've caught myself mumbling: "Why, yes, I WOULD like to have a slimmer stomach...Well, that shirt really IS whiter...Chopping vegetable so fast COULD make my life better!"Full story
  • Crosses on the pavement let you know you're changing countries

    Borderline insane

    14 Jul 2009 by a a
    The Flemish village of Baarle-Hertog is extremely difficult to describe. When you first hear people talking about it you think it's merely a village cut in half by the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. Oh, if it were only that simple.Full story
  • Lady Linn

    Lady sings the jazz

    14 Jul 2009 by a a
    Having moved on from playing covers, Ghent band Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Seven is causing a stir this year with their steady-paced cocktail lounge, swing-beat numbers inspired by the 1940s and '50s. So much so, they were invited to play at two of the country's most prestigious music events this year: Rock Werchter and the Ghent Jazz Festival. Full story
  • One of Leon Vranken's elegant wooden sculpture installations

    Bigger as it goes

    14 Jul 2009 by a a
    For the suspense and excitement it generates and for the high calibre of art it attracts, the Young Belgian Painters Award is one of this country's most widely-followed contemporary art events. The title is a throwback to the contest's origins in 1950: for many years, the biennial competition has been open to visual artists working in any medium whatsoever. They must be 35 or younger and have been based in Belgium for at least one year.Full story
  • Geert Verbeke on his farm of art

    Monet was here

    14 Jul 2009 by a a
    About 30 kilometres west of Antwerp, you'll know you've reached the Verbeke Foundation when you catch sight of a half-dozen tall, incongruous structures - machines or sculptures? - peeking above untamed vegetation. A propeller affixed to a steel tower: art or wind turbine? And that sleek, tank-like craft on stilts: military overstock or sci-fi-inspired fantasy? Full story
  • Mega Mindy

    Colouring contest winners!

    14 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    A big thank you to all the kids who sent in entries for our Mega Mindy colouring contest. Our panel of judges (film and art critics) chose Silke Goethuys of Rotselaar as the winner in the 0-3 years category, who liked her touches of red in the typical pink-and-yellow approach of most of our entries.Full story
  • In the summer, in the City

    14 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    During the summer, most people are dying to get out of the city. Heat, humidity, traffic fumes - all of that leaves us gasping for cool breezes and wide open spaces. Full story
  • Roller sports champion Wouter Hebbrecht


    8 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    The World Games take place in the Taiwanese coastal city of Kaohsiung this month, but if you've not heard about them, you are probably in good company. The event, held every four years, does not exactly compare with the World Cup or Olympic Games.Full story
  • Roger McGuinn

    Blues family reunion

    8 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    For the past quarter century, music fans have been flocking to the little village of Peer for a long weekend that has now become mainland Europe's most respected blues festival. An additional fourth day with John Fogerty headlining is the cherry on the Belgium Rhythm & Blues Festival's 25th birthday cake.Full story