• Mother and son team Micheline and Jelle of Leuven won the first season of Mijn Restaurant!

    Deliciously bitter

    3 Mar 2009 by
    This week, the first episode in a new series of Mijn Restaurant! (My Restaurant) was broadcast on VTM, with the expectation that Flanders, as before, is going to be perched on the edge of its seat for the next few months. Full story
  • Koko Flanel

    Culture News

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Benjamin Verdonck has installed a new work in Antwerp-Berchem train station – three blank advertising panels rented from Clear Channel. The conceptual artist says the panels were a protest at the waste of money in the world. Full story
  • Marin Kasimir’s “Interurbain” at COOVI in Anderlecht

    Underground art

    3 Mar 2009 by
    Travel around the metro in Brussels, and works of art leap out at you. Literally, sometimes.Full story
  • Separate and not quite equal: Women push coal at a 19th-century Belgian mine


    3 Mar 2009 by
    I am standing in front of a case of dolls while Els Flour explains something to me that is so obvious, I am ashamed that it never crossed my mind before: in the 19th century, girls’ dolls looked like women. It was only around the turn of the 20th century that the “baby doll” was introduced, to reinforce the idea – from an age when girls were practically infants themselves – that a girl’s job is to take care of babies. Full story
  • Amadeus' Spare Ribs

    Amadeus Spare Rib Restaurant

    25 Feb 2009 by
    A veritable gem in the landscape of Flemish folk cuisine, spare ribs restaurant Amadeus has become an institution, and deservedly so. Their successful formula has led to the establishment of four such restaurants across Flanders, and the din present most nights in every one bodes well for the eatery's future.Full story
  • Colliery mine of Beringen

    Built on black gold

    25 Feb 2009 by
    The 20th century got off to a fine start in eastern Flanders. On 2 August, 1901, “Flemish black gold” was discovered in the Kempen region of Limburg. Coal transformed this virtually uninhabited region of arid heathland and boggy morasses into a thriving industrial heartland. Full story
  • Bart De Pauw

    Culture News

    25 Feb 2009 by
    This year’s Flemish blockbuster Loft by director Eric Van Looy has broken the record of ticket sales in Belgium set in 1990 by Stijn Coninx’s Koko Flanel. Last week Loft bypassed the long-standing total of 1,082,000 tickets sold. Koko moves into second place, and Coninx also holds on to third and fourth place with Hector and Daens. Van Looy resurfaces in fifth place with 2003’s De Zaak Alzheimer. Full story
  • Louise Maselis for Calvin Klein

    Runway to success

    25 Feb 2009 by
    A 15-year-old schoolgirl from Herent near Leuven last week made her debut on the catwalks of New York, modelling the autumn womenswear collection of Calvin Klein. Louise Maselis won last year’s Elite Look Model competition in the beach resort of Sanya in China ahead of 80 girls from 70 countries. She was then given a contract with the world’s top model agency in November, and her management moved from Amsterdam to Paris. Elite also represents household names like Cindy Crawford and Monica Bellucci.Full story
  • Brendan and the Secret of Kells

    The secret of Vanfleteren

    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    If you think getting your whole family together to go to a new animated movie is a lot of effort and expense, you should try making one.Full story
  • Royal Blood by Erwin Olaf


    24 Feb 2009 by Ad Min
    At first glance, it’s easy to write off photographer Erwin Olaf as a commercial prima donna, airbrushing oiled models and strategically cropping “June” for the next gay men’s calendar. A low-rent photographer at high-rent prices.Full story