• dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs roam Antwerp

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    The series won six Emmys, three BAFTA awards and was seen by a worldwide audience of 700 million. Walking with Dinosaurs, first broadcast on BBC back in 1999, set out to create the most accurate portrayal of prehistoric animals ever seen on the screen.Full story
  • Veronique Branquinho (c) Belga

    Top Antwerp designer closes down label

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Antwerp-based designer Veronique Branquinho is to close down her label James after ten years. The designer blamed falling orders, as well as a number of customers who defaulted on payment. Full story
  • In pieces (c) Herman Sorgeloos

    Falling to pieces

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    On 4 June, Rosas will show Brussels what happens when a Japanese-born dancer with 25 years under her belt decides to collaborate with a UK-based performance artist with no dance training whatsoever.Full story
  • Antwerp Grote Markt (c) Antwerp City

    News in Brief

    3 Jun 2009 by Ad Min
    Antwerp has been named as the European Youth Capital for 2011, following on from Rotterdam this year and Turin in 2010. Nearly 30% of the Antwerp population is under 25, with that proportion rising by the year. "Young people have to be given the chance to show what they can achieve," said council youth policy adviser Jeff Van Poppel. Antwerp has led the way in youth participation, he said, seeking young people's advice in town planning, for instance, as well as the establishment of the first youth press agency Stamp Media. Full story
  • Blankenberge “stalker”goes to prison

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    A Blankenberge man who sent 132 emails to the city council over a period of more than four years has been sentenced to one year in prison and fined €1,100 by a court in Bruges. The judge ruled that the correspondence was tantamount to stalking. He also made new law by ruling that a body such as the council - a legal person - could be considered equivalent to a natural person, and thus be eligible to be stalked.Full story
  • hoop

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    We've all dreamed a dream in times gone by. Some of you may have longed to join Buzz Lightyear, for instance, on his way to infinity and beyond. Yet all of us in Flanders are rooted to mother earth, little more than mobile trees. Full story
  • The Trondheim lift

    Kunstberg bike-lift first of many

    3 Jun 2009 by Ad Min
    The Kunstberg in central Brussels is to be equipped with a bike-lift from mid-September to help cyclists tackle the steep incline, it was announced last week. Full story
  • Michiel Vanderweert

    Face of Flanders – Michiel Vandeweert

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    The big Flemish name in Germany these days is not big at all. He's about a metre 10, weighs around 15 kilos, and he's bald, even though he's not yet 11.Full story
  • Election posters (c) Belga

    Election focus

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    The campaign for the regional elections has not inflamed great passions amongst the electorate. Even the main players seem merely to be going through the motions. What happens after the elections may prove more interesting than what went before.Full story
  • Verboden te zuchten

    The return of Alex Stockman

    3 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    The news that Alex Stockman is shooting his second feature film means that he can finally be removed from the long list of Flemish cinema's missing-in-action. After an impressive debut in 2000 with Verboden te zuchten, he seemed to vanish, only to pop up again in 2003 as one of the producers of Tom Barman's excellent Anywhere the Wind Blows. (Speaking of which, where is his second film?)Full story