• Omega sells Arseus to Waterland

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    Omega Pharma has sold its 24% interest in Arseus, its own former subsidiary, to Dutch-owned investment fund Waterland Private Equity, for a minimum of €60 million. At the same time, Omega CEO Marc Coucke sold Waterland 1.06% of his own stake, leaving him as the second-largest shareholder.Full story
  • Comedy of Blood

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    Titus Andronicus is not known as one of Shakespeare’s greatest works. On its best days, it is excused as a play written very early in the Bard’s career, one that lacks the poetic genius of his later works. On its worst days, Titus Andronicus is simply described as “bad”.  Full story
  • Microwave bears and banana protectors top Christmas list

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    There are still a few weeks to go before the deadline for receiving Christmas wish-lists, but if you want a fleece blanket you can wear while watching TV, complete with embroidered name, you’d better be quick. The Snug Rug (photo) is the number one gift in the Christmas top 10, according to Amerone, a company based in Oelegem, Antwerp province, that deals in business gifts. Not only will you be snug and identifiable, you’ll also be able to turn the heating down a couple of degrees. Get one for everyone in the family!Full story
  • Border crossings

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    A few months ago, I found myself descending into the brick-enclosed basement of an unfamiliar bookstore, where the lights were dim and it was very, very quiet. Fortunately, this was just because I was late – before the Border Kitchen events begin, the scene under Antwerp’s Groene Waterman bookshop is in fact lively and inviting. There is the world’s cutest little bar, which mixes with the soft, yellowy glow and heady anticipation of literary greatness to create a most excellent Bohemian atmosphere.Full story
  • What if?

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    Some quotes by former prime minister Jean-Luc Dehaene (Christian Democrat, CD&V) are legendary. “We will solve this problem when it arises,” was one of them. “I will not answer hypothetical questions,” is another one. Both have become classics of “Wetstraatees” – the slang spoken in the Wetstraat (the Brussels street at the political heart of this country).Full story
  • Lady Linn

    First lady

    18 Nov 2009 by Flanders Today
    The nights are drawing in, and Flanders’ rock stars are starting to go south for the winter, or longer, as in the case of Ghent band Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Seven. The band has enjoyed roaring success at the most prestigious music festivals in Belgium this summer with their quirky swing-beat numbers inspired by the big band sound of the 1940s and ‘50s. But the Brussels gig on 21 November will be the last chance you’ll have to catch them in Belgium for nearly a year.Full story
  • lopen

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    Sacha and Simon are back and in one piece. S&S are two colleagues who have been sneaking out at lunchtime for months to train for the New York Marathon and, apart from the challenge of finishing, are raising money for charity. The race is so popular that, if their charity had not found them places, their chances of getting a starting number would have been remote.Full story
  • Ordering chaos

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    “We want to do the same as Bartok and Kodaly have already accomplished in music,” wrote Hungarian artist Lajos Vajda. Just as the composers Bartok and Kodaly looked to Hungarian folk songs as a source of inspiration for their music, Vajda was inspired by Hungarian, Serbian and Slavic folk motifs for his art, which is on show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp. “Without tradition nothing can be done,” Vajda said.Full story
  • Trix of the trade

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    Q: When is a rock venue not a rock venue?Full story
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    18 Nov 2009 by Alan Hope
    Bruocsella Symphony Orchestra has got a bit of everything up its sleeve for its children’s concerts in Brussels this month – special lighting effects, ghosts and even a sorcerer with magic potions. So if the classical music alone isn’t enough to keep the kids’ attention, then these other attractions, all related to the music in one way or another, should be.Full story