• vegetariër

    22 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    Cooking for a family would be relatively simple if everyone ate what was put in front of them. More and more families are having to cope with one or more wayward members who have become vegetariërs - vegetarians. If you're really unlucky, then you'll have another child who demands meat every day. Daily, there are concerns about cross-contamination - worries about veggie burgers that too closely resemble meat and which stock cubes ended up in the soup.Full story
  • Sports

    22 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    It may not go down too well with the English, but there is compelling evidence that their national summer sport was, in fact, invented in Flanders.Full story
  • Hasselt

    The capital of taste

    22 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    Ever since last year's immensely popular television series De Smaak van de Keyser, which followed the lives of three generations of women in a jenever distillery in Hasselt, this little, bubbly city has been re-discovered by the Flemish.  Full story
  • Warm below the storm

    22 Jul 2009 by Lisa Bradshaw
    Blankenberge hosts the mysterious and fantastical seascapes of Frans MasereelFull story
  • Ride ‘em Flemish cowboys

    22 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    There is a concept in robotics, developed by Masahiro Mori in the 1970s, known as the "uncanny valley", which says that the more a robot increases its likeness to a human, the more positive and empathetic the reaction of the onlooker. Until, that is, the likeness becomes almost complete, at which point the reaction suddenly becomes one of fear and revulsion. Full story
  • A new Watou

    22 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    If you take a map and draw a line due south from De Panne and another one west from Ypres, they will meet at Watou, the western-most point of Belgium. The picturesque village on the French border is surrounded by farmland that's as flat as a pancake, ideally suited to cultivating the hops used to produce Watou's famous brews. Thanks to them, the town is chiefly known as a destination for beer-lovers. The topography and picture-perfect scenery account for its appeal to recreational cyclists. Full story
  • UK crisis hits Flemish carpet sector

    22 Jul 2009 by a a
    The carpet sector in Flanders is suffering the effects of the economic downturn more severely than most other industries, according to a report in De Standaard. The once-flourishing industry, based mainly in West Flanders, was traditionally heavily dependent on the British market, where most homes are fitted with wall-to-wall carpets. But the collapse in the British property market has led to a sharp drop in orders. Coupled with the fall in the value of the pound and stiff competition from Turkey, this has led to a major crisis in West Flanders.Full story
  • Buddha Bar coming to Brussels

    22 Jul 2009 by a a
    The achingly hip Buddha Bar concept is coming to Brussels in 2010, according to founder Raymond Visan. "We have found a wonderful location in the centre of Brussels," he told De Standaard, refusing to reveal further details.Full story
  • Xiamen port in southeast China is home to Ahlers’ latest office

    Ahlers expands in China

    22 Jul 2009 by a a
    The Antwerp shipping company Ahlers has opened a seventh office in Xiamen, China, employing five people. The company, which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary (see Flanders Today, 6 May 2009), entered the China market 15 years ago and has established offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai and Tianjin. Chinese operations currently account for 10% of the group's business.Full story
  • Solar power can supply electricity for thousands of years

    Shout it from the rooftops

    22 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    Enfinity, an innovative solar power company based near Ghent, is leading the way in encouraging enterprises to produce their own electricity. It develops solar systems and installs them on the roofs of companies which, in turn, harness the electricity produced by the panels for their own use.Full story