• New scanners faster and safer

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    The radiology department of the Ghent University Hospital has acquired two new CT scanners that promise to improve medical imaging, making it faster, safer and more accurate.Full story
  • an active week

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    Make a movieFull story
  • Food that moves

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    Bruges was home last week to The Flemish Primitives, a food event that brought together 17 celebrated chefs and other movers and shakers in the food industry from Flanders and beyond. Science and technology dominated the conversation as five new kitchen inventions made their world premieres.Full story
  • Grace Ellen Barkey’s This door is too small (for a bear) premieres this month

    You get what you need

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    In one way, the name says it all. Needcompany is about needing company. The dance troupe's founders, Jan Lauwers and Grace Ellen Barkey, felt that this was the critical point in creating their art. Artists need collaborators, need an audience, need other artists.Full story
  • Chagrin d’Amour

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    Every February for the past decade, audiences have been seduced by Saint Amour – an evening of music and text hosted by literary organisation Behoud de Begeerte (Preserve the Desire) that tackles the subject of love and its neverending associations.Full story
  • Viaduct 2002

    The only way forward is back

    17 Feb 2010 by Alan Hope
    Koen van den Broek has risen to fame in the past 10 years, although he has attracted more attention abroad then in Belgium. Two exhibitions should readjust that. In Antwerp, you’ll find his works on paper and in Ghent’s museum of contemporary art, SMAK, are the paintings from the last decade that have made him famous.Full story

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    It’s quite an achievement to be the smartest kid in the smartest class in Flanders, but it’s even more remarkable if you yourself taught your classmates all they know. That’s how it happens that Stijn Cambie, 15, will be leading his entire class to the second round of the Flemish Maths Olympiad (VWO) next month.Full story
  • Children and chocolate

    Oxfam campaigns against chocolate

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    As much as 99% of the chocolate on the shelves of Flanders’ supermarkets could be the product of child labour or even slavery, according to a new campaign launched last week by Oxfam to coincide with Valentine’s Day.Full story
  • bite

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    It was the picture of Marmite that caught my eye. The sight of Marmite in a Belgian kitchen is enough to make you look twice – maybe even to pick up the picture and see that it is an ad for The Grocery Store. And before you know it, six boxes of Shreddies cereal, five blocks of cheese, a dozen crumpets and a collection of Cadbury’s crème eggs are sitting on your doorstep.Full story
  • Surprise judgement means green light for Oosterweel Link

    17 Feb 2010 by a a
    A restaurant owner who complained about the Lange Wapper viaduct in Antwerp has had his case thrown out by the Council of State. Gunther Dieltjens, who owns the imposing Pomphuis restaurant in the riverside area of the city known as het Eilandje, argued that the planned viaduct would have passed directly over his premises, shadowing his riverside terrace.Full story