• Technopolis

    Weird science

    24 Mar 2009 by
    On a recent afternoon in Mechelen, a group of children on a school trip were soaking themselves with water, others were finding out how farting sounds are made, and even more were investigating how much snot the human nose makes in a day. It’s all in the name of learning, and it’s what keeps kids coming to Technopolis in ever-increasing numbers. Full story
  • Ashes


    17 Mar 2009 by
    After a well-received performances in Zürich and Paris, choreographer Koen Augustijnen returns to Flemish soil with Ashes, his latest production for the Ghent-based Les Ballets C. de la B. The subtitle reads “Nothing lasts forever”, which eloquently sums up the central theme of mortality. Full story
  • Fashionista


    17 Mar 2009 by
    Last year was an exciting one for Antwerp shoppers, with the opening of Sien – the only boutique in Belgium that sells Proenza Schouler (next to designers like Emanuel Ungaro and Hussein Chalayan) – and the luxury fashion boutique LXP, where you can rent haute couture dresses for a night or a week. Full story
  • Darkness

    Welcoming the darkness

    17 Mar 2009 by
    When was the last time you simply stared up at the night sky and marvelled at the stars? On that remote Greek island a few years back? Probably not recently in Flanders, due to the problem of light pollution.Full story
  • Tyre tracks

    17 Mar 2009 by
    AchelOf all Flanders’ Trappist breweries, none is more remote than the Saint Benedictus Abbey of Achel, tucked away along the Belgian/Dutch border in Limburg province. The monastery owes its existence to this location, having been built in the 17th century in what was then the Bishopric of Liege when the Catholic mass was prohibited in the Netherlands. Today, cyclists benefit from its location: its remoteness makes for both quiet visits and beautiful riding.Full story
  • Etienne Vanackere

    From the air to the earth

    17 Mar 2009 by
    It’s not really fair to include the FAS Expo in a series of “weird museums” such as we are running this month. But it made the cut for two reasons. One: it is, shall we say, “quirky”. Two: it is impossible to find, and, once you do get there, you have to beg to be let in.Full story
  • Plundering Claus

    Plundering Claus

    17 Mar 2009 by
    On 19 March, 2008, the great writer Hugo Claus chose to die through euthanasia in an Antwerp Hospital. All of Flanders stood still, while newspapers and television dedicated pages to the life and death of an author who could almost effortlessly put his finger on very heart of the failures, hopes and complexities of the Flemish people.Full story
  • Passa Porta

    Tales of the city

    17 Mar 2009 by
    Passa Porta, Brussels’ international house of literature, is tucked down a little passageway off Antoine Dansaertstraat in the city centre. Up above the bookshop, with its shelves crammed with Dutch, French, German and English language books, is the open-plan office where Sigrid Bousset and her colleagues are putting the finishing touches to the second edition of the Passa Porta Festival.Full story
  • Trucks off the road

    New harbour terminal will keep trucks off the road

    17 Mar 2009 by
    A new rail freight terminal being built at the port of Antwerp will take 600 trucks off the roads when it becomes operational in 2010, the consortium running it has claimed. Full story
  • Luc Everaert

    Country heading for recession

    17 Mar 2009 by
    The Belgian economy will shrink this year by 2.5%, according to forecasts by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which warns that the country is heading for a “deep recession”. The federal budget deficit will go up to 4%, where it will remain until 2014. At the same time, unemployment will grow to almost 10%. Full story