• Face of Flanders – Hilde Crevits

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Whenever you see the phrase “Questions were asked in parliament”, it’s a sign of a serious, weighty matter being taken to the highest levels of the land.Full story
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    Flanders hits Kyoto targets

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Flanders has attained its targets under the Kyoto accords on the limiting of emissions of greenhouse gases, the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) announced last week. Under the Kyoto agreement, the region has to cut its emissions by 5.2% between 2008 and 2012 compared with the reference year of 1990. According to figures issued last week by the VMM, that target was attained in 2008, when emissions were 10.8% down.Full story
  • A quirky character

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    “I can count and I will continue to count. For anyone who can count, 35 plus 72 still equals 117.” This was by far the most hilarious statement during the opening debate of the Flemish Parliament. It came from budget minister Phillipe Muyters of the nationalist N-VA, who so far remains something of an unknown to the Flemish man in the street.Full story
  • Father Damien

    Worthy of the title of saint

    7 Oct 2009 by Leo Cendrowicz
    Missionary, leper, hero – and now saint – Father Damien is about to make Flemish historyFull story
  • Royal audience for Pippi

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    A royal audience greeted the first performance in Antwerp last week of Pippi zet de boel op stelten, a new stage production of the adventures of Astrid Lindgren’s incorrigible heroine. The show, written by Stany Crets and starring Amaryllis Uiterlinden in the lead role, has been touring in the Netherlands since earlier in the year. For the opening show in Antwerpen, Prince Laurent, Princess Claire and five-yearold Princess Louise were in attendance, the latter two finding the musical worth a standing ovation. The show will tour across Flanders until January. www.pippimusical.beFull story
  • News in Brief

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    An Antwerp police officer who shot dead a man caught robbing a pharmacy will not face disciplinary proceedings, a police spokesman said. The officer fired three times with an MP5 semi-automatic machine pistol normally carried unloaded in the police van. However the prosecutor’s office could still take legal action if it finds the shooting was not lawful.Full story
  • Andy Garcia

    Bright lights, little city

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    The Flanders International Film Festival could rename itself an arts festival and not be stretching the truth. With musical concerts, exhibitions, parties and discussions across Ghent, it would be easy to take part in a dozen activities without seeing a single movie.Full story
  • Consumers put off major purchases until better times

    Only DIY and clothing untouched by crisis

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Belgians changed their shopping habits in the first six months of the year as a result of the economic crisis, according to a report by the retail federation Fedis. Most sectors have felt the pinch as the public turned to saving instead of spending. Savings went up, from 13% of disposable income in 2008 to 15% this year.  Full story
  • Ghent University in project to set up Korean university

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Ghent University is to assist the authorities in South Korea with the construction of a new university in Incheon, located outside the capital Seoul. Ghent, together with Harvard and Berkeley, will set up the educational provision of part of the campus, and then take in tuition fees for the 1,000 or so students, both Korean and Chinese, who sign up.Full story
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    Vansteenkiste allowed home

    7 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Luc Vansteenkiste, the former head of the employers’ organisation VBO remanded in custody on suspicion of insider trading, has been released from Vorst prison in Brussels after eight days of detention. Vansteenkiste was imprisoned after he failed to cooperate in the investigation to the satisfaction of investigating magistrate Michel Claise. His detention led to criticism of the frequent abuse of the remand system.Full story