• slaap

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Did you remember to give yourself an extra hour in bed on Sunday? Now, many of us have a few more days of getting up in daylight, but we are still doomed to coming home in the dark for the coming months.Full story
  • Portrait

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Photography seems to more and more take over the exhibition landscape, as evidenced in this very issue of Flanders Today. It could be that, more than painting, sculpture or abstract installation, photography provides a sort of mirror into ourselves – something to which we can more intimately relate.  Full story
  • fashionista

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Ever since the group of designers known as the “Antwerp Six” put their city on the fashion map in the 1980s, it has been Belgium’s fashion capital – and some dared even say the importance of Antwerp stretched far beyond these borders.Full story
  • Flemish and Ugandan students worked together on sustainable agriculture in Lira

    Because young farmers in Africa deserve more

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    On Friday, 16 October, businesses and government agencies across Brussels and Flanders were infiltrated by thousands of Flemish secondary-school students. But their intentions were good: they were all taking part in Zuiddag, or South Day, a project whereby at least €30 of their wages earned during one day of work were sent to African farmers.  Full story
  • “Brains for me”: Tom Lanoye with calf brains

    My life with food

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    It took an outsider to make the link that led to such a simple – yet such a brilliant – concept. Spanish photographer Isabel Miquel Arques lived in London and Amsterdam before moving to Antwerp four years ago with her Flemish husband. “What struck me first,” she says, “was the quantity and quality of Belgian artists. There are so many in such a small space! Dancers, artists, writers. The Flemish don’t even realise the uniqueness of this.”Full story
  • Dorothée van den Berghe

    Peace, love and Amsterdam

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    My Queen Karo focuses on the experiences of a girl living in a 1970s commune with her young, idealistic parents. Is that girl you? I’m from Belgium, and we moved to Amsterdam, and for me, as a child, it was a big change. I did go to an anti-authoritarian crèche, but we didn’t actually live in a squat with a community. But it was very common at that time to do so. The situation in Amsterdam was dire with housing, so even “normal” families lived in squats. When I went to play with my friends, I very often came into one of these communities. I don’t have exactly the same story, but I was inspired by these situations. I wanted to look at this through the eyes of a child. The reality of grown-ups can be complicated, but a child sees only pieces of reality, a part of it. Full story
  • King Schoenaerts

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Matthias Schoenaerts has been working in movies since he was 16 but has broken out as Flanders’ most sought-after young actor in the last couple of years. With the lead role in horror film Linkeroever, the part of bad-boy Filip in the blockbuster Loft and a turn as the shy, sweet soldier in the television drama series De smaak van de Keyser, it seems that Schoenaerts is suddenly everywhere.      Full story
  • From opera to theatre to movies, visit Arsene50 to see it cheap

    Culture on a shoestring

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    With the economy in the doldrums and everybody watching their expenses, tending a vegetable garden these days seems a much more sensible occupation than going to the opera. Luckily, you needn’t give up culture for horticulture altogether thanks to arsene50.be, a website with last-minute, half-priced tickets to most of Brussels’ cultural venues.Full story
  • Benetton’s “Kissing Nun” got banned in Italy and France

    Scandals and other policymakers

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    One image at the photo exhibition Controverses is the subject of a bit more controversy than had been anticipated when the collection moved to Brussels last month: the photograph of a naked, 10 year-old Brooke Shields.  Full story
  • Prince Filip (left) Gert Verhulst (middle) and Hans Bourlon

    Going beyond the dream

    28 Oct 2009 by Alan Hope
    Studio 100, a Flemish TV production house that has grown in recent times to an international multimedia provider, was last week named Enterprise of the Year in a competition organised by Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas Fortis and De Tijd newspaper. Studio 100’s CEOs Gert Verhulst and Hans Bourlon, who share the top job, were earlier this year named Managers of the Year by the magazine Trends.Full story