• Fighting federalism

    1 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    Prime minister Herman Van Rompuy (CD&V) has introduced one of those phrases that tends to stick around: "fighting federalism". He used the term in a specific context: since Europe rejected the Belgian budget, the federal government will need all the help it can get to redress this. Not just this once, but for the years to come. Full story
  • North Sea wind energy switches on

    1 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    The first six electricity-generating windmills came into service last week off the North Sea coast of Blankenberge. Operating company C-Power claimed a triple world record: these are not only the largest wind turbines in the world, they also have the deepest foundations in the sea bed and are installed farther out to sea than any other - 28.7 kilometres out on the Thornton sandbank.Full story
  • badjas

    1 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    If you’ve just started out learning Dutch, you’ll have soon discovered to your relief that thank you is dank u and, even easier, sorry is sorry. This makes Dutch seem a piece of cake for the English speaker.Full story
  • Jasper Erkens

    Face of Flanders — Jasper Erkens

    1 Jul 2009 by Alan Hope
    This weekend, Jasper Erkens will become the youngest-ever performer at Rock WerchterFull story
  • Yasmine (c) Reporters

    Singer Yasmine found dead

    26 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Yasmine, whose given name was Hilde Rens, debuted 18 years ago with the album Mooi zo (Beautiful That Way) and went on to make many more albums, including a compilation of poetry set to music, released last February. She was one of the hosts of the television entertainment magazine De rode loper for seven years and was a long-time DJ for Radio Donna.Full story
  • Flemings in New York

    24 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Nobody really knows how many Flemish live in New York - the Belgian Embassy speaks of 713 registered, but this number must be much higher, says the director of Manhattan's Flanders House.  Full story

    24 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Aalst and Dendermonde This ride combines two lovely Flemish towns in a return trip that makes an excellent ride for a family. Just bring along a picnic and set up camp along the river or plan a long break in Dendermonde before retracing the route back to Aalst.Full story
  • Turtlewings offers design and art workshops to kids up to age 12

    Less than lazy summer

    24 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    The last bell has rung, the backpack's been shoved to the back of the hall closet. Ah, sweet summertime. The kids have two months of blissful relaxation - sleeping in, afternoons at the pool, lounging in front of the TV. Full story
  • Jan Fabre's "From the Feet to the Brain"


    24 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Other contemporary art biennials may come and go, but the oldest, most venerable of them all has a staying power and resilience that have allowed it to survive two World Wars and countless cultural crises, including the current one. Full story
  • Summer, bloody summer

    24 Jun 2009 by Alan Hope
    Summer: holidays, relaxation, cocktails, swimming pools. And a good book. This is where Boek.be comes in. Every year the confederation of Flemish booksellers and publishers organises an event that guarantees a long, hot and (above all) suspenseful summer (even if it's raining): Zomer van het Spannende Boek (Summer of the Suspense Book). Full story